Short Story On Katherine Tow

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“Shit!” Katherine Tows yelled hysterically. Her green eyes were glued on the positive pregnancy test she held in her hand as her back was leaning on the door. Not quite believing the evidence for the third time on the third test, she wiped her already swollen, puffy eyes, but the yellow color just wouldn’t go away. It stayed there, reminding her of the loser she was. Pregnant? Her, Katherine Amanda Tows, PREGNANT? In what universe? Apparently in the one, where stupid people like her live. She was stupid, she admitted that and no one ever condoled, let alone disagreed with her. That was no coincidence, her stupidity was so obvious no one set word against it. Frustrated she got back up and dialled a number. She had to call someone, her sister, and that she had to do quickly. Apparently she knew a …show more content…

“You will never pay me back-“ “But-“ “But what I am offering you instead is a job, because I feel bad for you, so tell me.. what are your qualifications?” Half-stunned, half-annoyed at his straightforwardness Katherine stuttered. Why was he doing this? He didn’t even need the money, to him the cost of her abortion was literally just pocket change! “I can’t do anything,” she whispered. “I was a dyslexic foster child that no one cared about, I was th-thrown out of the place I grew up in on my eighteenth birthday and my foster parents seemed relieved and-“ “Then I cannot help you,” Dr Wellington interrupted, as he threw a few coins onto the table to pay for his coffee. “Or wait a sec, here.“ Out of his pocket came a few pills meant to calm a person. “Take these Katherine,“ he said. “They’ll calm you down fast.“ If only Katherine knew he was lying. Maybe if she’d known she wouldn’t have turned into the victim of social anxiety disorder, maybe she wouldn’t have deserted the child that she was at this moment pregnant with. Maybe,

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