Brandy Mcclain Case

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This complaint is based upon the allegation of sexual harassment, disruptive, hostile work environment & racial discrimination filed by Brandy Stockton against Dr. Gregory McClain, stemming from their working relationship at the University of Missouri Hospital. Stockton received repeated harassing / threatening phone calls, some of which started the day Dr. McClain resigned subsequent to a peer review. The caller threatened to chop her up and deliver the pieces to her family. A criminal case has been presented to the Cole County Prosecutor against McClain by the M.U. Police Department. They identified an individual in Texas as the probable source of harassing / threatening calls. McClain denies knowing the suspect, although 697 calls were linked between McClain and the suspect. A full order of protection was filed against Dr. McClain by Stockton resulting from the calls and stalking allegations. Dr. McClain denies all of the allegations.

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In December, 2014, the actual day McClain left the University Hospital, the threatening / harassing phone calls began. She said the phone threats were accompanied by McClain physically following her. One evening while her daughter was cheerleading at Hickman High School McClain showed up and began staring at her daughter, then back at Brandy. She was so scared that she had to get an escort from the facility after the game because McClain was hanging around gymnasium.
Another event occurred while she was shopping at Wal-Mart. McClain followed her around the store. Eventually she obtained a temporary ex parte order of protection against McClain. The death threats became so severe that Brandy and her family stopped living in their home. Even to this day her high school aged daughter is terrified to be in their home alone, concerned that “the doctor” is going to show up and cause her

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