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  • Police Investigation

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    Justice can be achieved through various legal processes such as; police investigations and coronial inquests. Legal principles are instrumental in achieving justice such as; the rights of the accused and victims, and equality before the court. When these processes and principles are applied correctly, justice can be achieved this is demonstrated in two Australian cases; Mallard v. The Queen (2005) and a Missing Persons Case Kieffen Raggett (2007). These two cases demonstrate how legal principles

  • Police Leadership In Police Departments

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    the way police do business, for instance, responding to calls for service and investigating crimes. With the evolving crime has transformed police agencies to upgrade their fundamental level, expand their mission, deter crime and minimized crime rates, rather than merely responding to crimes committed itself. Today’s police departments are more proactive than reactive by succeeding their mission. Violent crime has dropped 50 percent since the 1990s (Future Trends in Policing). Police departments

  • Police Brutality

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    Suppressing America through Police Brutality Children look up to police officers as if they are heros, ridding the world of all crimes and bringing harmony to their city. That pure child will soon grow up to learn that these Officers are doing the opposite. Their hatred and destructiveness on innocent citizens has been occurring since the 1800s. This police brutality is not just on any average citizen. Blacks are astronomically affected by the Police force, having them wonder if they are truly

  • Police: The Role Of Police In Canada

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    The job of a police officer is much more demanding than what is commonly displayed in the media. It is often portrayed as a crime fighting spree, but in reality, it is a multi-faceted profession. As a police officer, the safety of the general public is the key responsibility. Therefore, Police face danger on a daily basis, yet they must handle all situations with professional composure. “Policing includes activities of any individual organization acting legally on behalf of public or private organizations

  • Police Brutality

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    Why is police brutality against blacks a re- occurring problem in America? When you think of police brutality the first thing that comes to my mind is a police officer mistreating someone whether that’s physically or verbally. To really begin to understand police brutality we need to first look at the causes. My purport is that police brutality has occurred because of the lack of responsibility and consciousness, but through community fostered groups and organizations we can educate and get people

  • Police Image

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    INTRODUCTION In almost all societies police is a source of controversy as it constitutes a legitimate force, interposed between the state and the law on one side and citizens on the other. What people think about the police and their work becomes extremely important and can serve as a significant social indicator of the political health of a society as a whole (Benson, 1981 cited by Andreescu & Keeling, 2010, p.1). The manner in which the stakeholders "see" the police can determine the perceived legitimacy

  • Police Detective Relationship

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    Police-Detective Relationship in the Detective Stories of Saradindu Bandyopadhyay : A Postcolonial Approach Sunit Kumar Barui Research Scholar Seacom Skills University Abstract As the generic nomenclature suggests, detection of the criminal constitutes the chief narrative interest in a detective fiction. In Saradindu Bandyopadhyay’s detective stories that palpably bear the impress of the classical detective fiction, crime and criminal

  • Importance Of Norm Police

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    Primetime 8. Be able to state an opinion on our need for “Norm police” in our society today. [PAPER] The term social norm is used to describe a set of instructions mandated by society that describes behavior that is expected within the community. It helps dictate what people ought to do and what they ought not to do. Social norms may vary among different cultures. Norms are regulated by individuals’ part of a community (page 6). Norm police can be used to describe people within society behaving in such

  • Police Brutality Analysis

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    Police Brutality The issue of police brutality happens in the first part of the movie, and because this circumstances that led to attack against Serpico’s life. Beginning with his graduation in police academy, he is a principled and idealistic young man, Serpico starts with his police career is patrolman. Therefore, he noted with concern the ethical concessions made by his colleagues in uniform in exchange for small favors, such as allowing restaurant’s employee parking in double row and does not

  • Essay On Police Criminality

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    Police criminality Police criminality plays a major role in some teenager’s depression and drives them to hate. How so? By being a teenager and watching your best friend, a family member, or your parents murdered by some “bandits in uniform” who are supposed to be cops. And when we know the real definition of such a word, we also learn its duty, which is to serve and protect. Those kinds of police officers make it difficult for every other cop who has the will to serve their communities and the

  • Police On Bail Essay

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    Power of police to grant bail in case of bailable offence: Any person arrested by police without any order from the Magistrate and without a warrant under the circumstances mentioned in section 41 has to release him on bail if the offence with which he is concerned is a bailable offence. In respect of the offences which are bailable under Schedule I of the Code of Criminal Procedure, the accused in view of section 436, Cr.P.C has the right to be released on bail. Therefore, when any person accused

  • Police Accountacy

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    Describe the mechanisms by which the British Police are held to account and explain why these are important in maintaining their operational independence. This essay will describe the mechanisms by which the British Police are held to account, and will touch upon the paradox of police governance, the balance of unwanted coercion of police, financial stewardship and police legitimacy. This essay will also divulge into a discussion on the topic; is policing political? There will be an argument for

  • The Consequences Of Police Corruption In The Police Force

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    justice can be greatly hampered by vices such as police corruption. When the police force is corrupt, there are heightened likelihoods that justice may be compromised. Corruption in the police force can be related to the application and/or abuse of force, or bribery, among other vices. It is worth noting that the police have an instrumental role to play in the criminal justice process, because of their responsibility of maintaining law and order. The police corruption issue appears to prevail in various

  • Essay On Police Militarization

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    society, however how far will we go to make sure these laws are enforced? Police militarization is a silent but growing concern in our nation as officers around the country receive new and unnecessary equipment to combat crime. Although it can be considered a good attribute for our officers to have new equipment such as upgraded weapons and armor, materials such as tanks are not needed in a suburban neighborhood. the police mindset has changed to that of a soldier fighting a war and trying to survive

  • The Importance Of Police Investigation

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    application of processes like police investigations and coronial inquests can lead to justice being denied. Furthermore, legal principles including equality before the court, the rights of the accused and victims, are also instrumental in achieving justice as shown through the application of these principles within these cases. Police investigations are vital in the Australian legal system, and play a huge role in justice being denied or achieved. The main role of a police investigation is to gather

  • Essay On Police Crime

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    operandi (the methods used by a criminal during commission a crime); criminal police officers are frequently able to identify an offender. Visual identification of a stranger by the victim is possible as well. However everything should be done quickly and thoroughly. Sometimes it is necessary to take into consideration that criminals can commit different type of crime than it is documented in the police files. Thus, criminal police officers should keep their minds wide open and definitely focus on:  discovering

  • Police Roles

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    The police agencies refer to various law enforcement agencies that aim at providing police related services to the general public. The principle roles of police agencies are to go after those people who have committed or engaged in specific crimes. Nevertheless, police agencies are entitled to other roles as well, for instance, they are responsible for imposing the law from enforcing speed limit laws to civil and criminal laws. In this case, a police agency is entitled to educate the general public

  • Police Power In Society

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    in his article police is a first line of contact with young offenders. Everything what happens in the youth justice system hinge on set of decisions taken earlier by the police. They use different types of controlling juvenile offenders such as reprimands, final warnings and stop and search. Focusing on how police use their power within this

  • Police Duties

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    Police Officer Duties During Domestic Violence Investigations In police work, each investigation has a specific set of duties and responsibilities that officers must carry out in order to successfully prosecute a suspect. Because victims want justice against the suspect, police officers must make sure to perform their duties to the utmost highest level that they can perform them. However, out of the various types of crime, domestic violence is possibly the most rigorous crime to deal with during

  • Advantages And Disadvantages Of The British Police

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    from the ranks of the itself. Often the selection has been from the outside specially from the armed forces. However, promotions to command positions beneath the Chief Constable is almost always made from the ranks of the local police. 6) Policing Method- the British Police follow the system of community policing. Often community partnerships are built through which local schools, businesses, town halls etc. are tied into anti-crime programs. These contracts are further strengthened by new crime-prevention