Police Brutality In The Police Force

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Thesis: 99% of deaths are due to racial profiling and police brutality in the police force. Police officer 's role in racial profiling police they just because they have a badge on their shoulder they have the right to do as they please and that 's not the case they just dont discriminate blacks all ethnicities just because of their appearance or previous things they have done or there race. Just because Osama Bin Laden had something to do with the crashing of the twin towers that doesn’t mean that you have to treat his race bad because of something he did every time you see an a Arabian with a briefcase you think in your mind that they are getting ready to blow up something but that nots the case. The American Civil…show more content…
Police officers often profile certain types of individuals who are more likely to perpetrate crimes. Many of these suspects are profiled because of activities observed by police officers. For example, if someone who is obviously poor is frequently seen in a more affluent neighborhood, such a person may be profiled as someone with possible criminal intent. Similarly, if an individual living in an obviously poor neighborhood has in his or her possession several expensive items, that person may be profiled as someone involved in crime, such as drugs or theft. Although this type of profiling is not always considered fair, law enforcement officers consider it necessary to identify possible criminal activity before it occurs and causes injury to others.(Encyclopedia 2) One of the most heated issues in law enforcement is the profiling of individuals based solely upon the race, ethnicity, or national origin of the individual. Statistics show that African Americans are several times more likely to be arrested and put in jail than white Americans. As of 2000, fewer African American men were in college than were in prison. Moreover, black children were nine times as likely as white children to have at least one parent in…show more content…
There is a slogan that say “driving while black” means that the cops while pull you over just because of your skin color or just because it look like you have done something to affect society.In the spring of 1998, New Jersey state police pulled over a van on the state turnpike carrying four young black men on their way to basketball tryouts at North Carolina Central University. What happened next was the subject of debate: the men claimed to be cooperating, but police charged that the van 's driver, in an act of rage, backed up and attempted to run them over. The result was bloodshed. The police fired and three of the four occupants of the van were wounded. When the police searched the van, they found no weapons, no drugs, nothing but basketball equipment
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