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  • Police Officer Position

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    Announcement 18-12, Police Sergeant, Criminal Investigations Supervisor, Homicide Section Major Crimes Division. As a 20-year police officer with an extensive investigative background, it is my desire to return to criminal investigation. The challenges, complexities, and my passion for investigations are what has led me to apply for this position. My law enforcement career began in 1997 I was offered a Police Officer Candidate position with the Montgomery County Department of Police, and on September

  • Police Officers Stereotypes

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    Classification Essay Stereotype Police Officers There are many different stereotypes that police officers are faced with on a daily basis. They can come in many different forms. Police officers hold a very important position within our communities on a national level. They are under so much scrutiny that they are recorder the entire time while working for the respective county. They face certain stereotypes such as race, police force, harassment, and abuse of power as well as many more. In

  • Police Officer Discrimination

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    nightsticks repeatedly. This attack on King exposed the reality of police cruelty. It was shown on television and on the media, causing it to cast a light on the reality that police action against minorities was disproportionate and a problem in America. The actions of the police officers showed a clear confusion about the appropriate use of discretion. Also in Scotland, ministers intend to ban the police from using stop and search without legal cause after an independent inquiry found it to

  • Police Officer Technology

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    Within the police force there are many forms of technology which can be used; from a computer in a police officer’s vehicle to pepper spray, all these can become key items to keeping a police officer within safety. Many different devices have been created to aid in many different situations, such as computers to quickly run a license plate to gather information on a vehicle, radios to communicate with fellow officers in the area ready to help, or a nightstick to break a window open. Many officers can put

  • Police Officer Interview Report

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    In the interview with Officer Richard Bucklin, I asked him questions regarding his experiences as a police officer, the highs and lows of being a police officer, his opinions about recent controversial police topics and the challenges he faces everyday. All of his answers were very interesting and informational. I learned a lot when interviewing Officer Bucklin. I started off by asking Officer Bucklin how he got started in his field of work? Officer Bucklin responded saying that he needed a steady

  • Police Officer Observation

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    Police Officers are a big and small part of the community whether you see them or not. Police Officers patrol various parts of the cities or towns they are in, but I decided to watch them where ever I could over spring break. I kept a journal in my car and sat at various places I knew police officers in Sapulpa would like to go, and I also took note of previous experiences and encounters with the police. I did not interview or survey any police officers in my research. I decided to observe Police

  • Police Officer Research Paper

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    of a police officer can be dangerous, it offers many rewarding skills in what they do. According to the occupational handbook a police officer is a person who responds to emergencies, issues citations, makes sure everyone is safe and protects their community (“Police Officer”). There is a variety of different educational paths to becoming a police officer. Spending some time with a professional will help you understand what happens during their job and what adversaries they face. Officers have to

  • Police Officer Stereotypes Essay

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    Police Officers Stereotypes are widely circulated oversimplifications of people, they stem from characteristics when looking at groups or individuals. On the other hand, a misconception is a view or opinion that is incorrect because it is based on faulty thinking or understanding. In short, it is an opinion that assumes the worst due to misleading information about groups. We stereotype people because it is cognitively effect, meaning once you have categorized you no longer need to consider information

  • Texas Police Officers Essay

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    faces in today’s life is that there are many brutal police officers. In Texas, there has been a great deal of many police officers taking advantage of their position in law. Starting with fatal shootings that have left citizens dead, physical abuse such as punching citizens to lay on the floor to get handcuffed without getting mirandize, and vulgar language used when arresting citizen. This furthermore proves that Texas has problem police officers. In March 2013, a twenty-five year old, Allen Flanagan

  • Discrimination Against Police Officers

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    The police hide behind their badges and think that the title of “officer” allows them to be above citizens. From the time period of April 2009 to December 2010 11,000 police officers in the U.S were reported to have used misconduct. (Elinson and Palazzolo). “Why is it deemed justifiable and appropriate for cops/police officers to kill other cops (friendly–fire) and citizens...? Why do cops kill first and ask questions last? Why are police officers being military trained? What can we as citizens,

  • Persuasive Essay On Police Officers

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    Everyday Police officers are serving our nation, state, county, and city. Their duty is to help product and to provide a safe environment to the community. Often officer face dangerous scenarios and are at risk everyday. Depending on where an officer works, will usually determine how much he/she is paid and what they do on a daily basis. Well a question that often arises, should law enforcement officers be paid higher wages, because of what they do for the community? Many believe that the Police officer

  • Duties Of A Police Officer Essay

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    Police Officer Duties During Domestic Violence Investigations In police work, each investigation has a specific set of duties and responsibilities that officers must carry out in order to successfully prosecute a suspect. Because victims want justice against the suspect, police officers must make sure to perform their duties to the utmost highest level that they can perform them. However, out of the various types of crime, domestic violence is possibly the most rigorous crime to deal with during

  • Pros And Cons Of Police Officers

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    Riding in the car with my lifelong partner, we get a call on the radio stressing they need officers to a local Walmart. When we pull up, there is a crowd of people and in the middle of them are two Older men fighting. One white and one black, the black male was on top of the other hitting him repeatedly. Tackling him instantly, all phones were on us. The police officers; people recording us and screaming at us why we’re hurting him. We don’t know the full story yet, we know one was on top of the

  • Police Officer Research Papers

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    “While police officers go by different names-- officer, investigator, agent, etc.-- depending on where they work, they all protect the public by investigating crimes and apprehending criminals.” This is surely true, as it came from the wisdom of career government employee Michael Roberts, who boasts experience in both state and municipal government. Police officers are law enforcement officers who value the public 's safety above all else, and help to keep citizens safe by enforcing the law. Police

  • The Policing Roles Of A Police Officer

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    The duty of a police officer requires a special type of individuals with a unique ability to assume different policing roles and responsibilities. Law enforcement officers are required to perform duties that set them apart from the majority of the population. In a recent article addressing repeated legal test failures by Baltimore Police academy recruits Sgt Josh Rosenblatt stated “We’re giving them a badge and a gun tomorrow, the right to take someone’s liberty, ultimately the right to take someone’s

  • Police Officer Research Paper

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    What is a typical day on the job like for a police officer? Are their days filled with action? What type of people do they have to deal with? How do they handle certain situations? These are just a few of the questions I had when I decided that I wanted to be a police officer, so I took some time to do some research and get a bit more information that you might also find interesting. An on duty officer may start their shift at any time of the day. Before they even get ready for duty they make sure

  • Police Officer Career Paper

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    Career and College Research paper What is a police officer? Most people in the world today think they know or have there own idea of what the job title is. The career I chose is police officer. The best local college for this job is Oklahoma state university/Oklahoma City (OSU/OKC) because of their reputation for graduating police officers in Oklahoma. It is important to understand the education or the training requirements, skills or talents needed, salary and benefits offered and the duties for

  • Hate Against Police Officers

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    that racist white police officers are hunting down innocent black men(Bandler, 2016). But thanks to a series of numbers brought to our eyes by the hand of a Heather Mac Donald, statistics from 2015 show that cops kill almost twice as many white people as black people (Mac Donald, 2016). On top of these statistics, the majority of the black victims were handling some kind of deadly weapon(Bandler, 2016). This does have a direct correlation with the amount of force used within the police force simply because

  • Essay On Police Officer Shooting

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    around five feet tall. They not only are all different physically but mentally also. Many officers out there know the rules, regulations, codified laws and do what they’re supposed to do, not what they want to do because of their own intentions. There have been many cases recently involving a police officer shooting a person without a serious reason and many of these times the officers are being released. The officer shooting of a person without the real intent and without a real threat logically means

  • Police Officer Application Essay

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    I am very interested in the positions of both openings of police officer and SLEO II. I feel your department to start and finish my career in law enforcement. I am an ideal candidate for your department and this position. I have excellent people skills communication skills which allows me to work and communicate with people effectively. I am very observant, which helps me see things that others may have overlooked. I also understand where individuals are coming from even when I myself have not