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While the work of a police officer can be dangerous, it offers many rewarding skills in what they do. According to the occupational handbook a police officer is a person who responds to emergencies, issues citations, makes sure everyone is safe and protects their community (“Police Officer”). There is a variety of different educational paths to becoming a police officer. Spending some time with a professional will help you understand what happens during their job and what adversaries they face.
Officers have to be alert at all times because their work environment includes dangerous situations. They have to be ready for the unexpected and encounter much violence and suffering. They bear one of the highest rates of injuries in the workforce
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There are many opportunities in the work of a police officer. Going to college would give you a better opportunity to find a better job in the workforce. Many police stations recommend that their officers get their bachelor’s degree (“Police Officer”). Having a bachelor’s degree will help you in the long run, and will also help you advance in your career as a police officer. In addition to that; being able to speak more than one language would give you an advantage others might not have. Criminal Justice Careers states that even if you don’t have a degree or speak more than one language, there are many opportunities out there (“What does a Police Officer Do”). “The most successful police officer have the ability to think on their feet, react calmly and professionally in tense situations, and effectively manage different personalities.” Although you might not have any of the advantage listed above, qualities like these will still help you become an…show more content…
They are also required to pass the law enforcement entrance exam (“Law Enforcement Degree”). There are many occupational specialties in the work of law enforcement and police officers. In order to be in the higher ranks or working for the government or as a detective, you have to work hard towards your goal (“What does a Police Officer Do”). Officer Bill, a professional from the Cuyahoga Falls Police Department; said that “helping people and seeing the appreciation on their face” is what he enjoys most about his job. Many people don’t want them there and their attitudes towards police officers are horrendous. If you did something unacceptable, then the officer has to be there and it’s not their fault (Officer Shover). All they are doing is keeping the community safe. Whenever Officer Bill goes to Chipotle for example, people always assume that something terrible happened, but he 's only going there to get lunch. Although his job is exciting, dealing with death, even if it’s natural causes, is something Officer Bill does not enjoy (Officer

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