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For this assignment, I chose stone catchers. I had the opportunity to interview Warsaw’s chief of Police Scott Whitaker. This experience was very informative. Chief Whitaker and the entire police department conveyed a strong sense of community. Scott told me that his experience in the community of Warsaw was very rewording (Whitaker).
I decided my illustration was going to be a cover for an article. This article was to be about current events and view points regarding police brutality and police reform. I selected six articles containing a broad spectrum of view points on this topic. I did my best to go into this project with an objective mind. But ultimately my right leaning position regarding the police in the United States was reaffirmed …show more content…

This was a very interesting and exhilarating experience. I learned a lot from the officers I spent time with. One observation that I found interesting is how the officers showed excessive patience and compassion toward the civilians we encountered through the night. The officers took the time to listen to complaints, work through problems, and assist people. In one particular event, the police offered to park a mans car after arresting him so that he would not have to pay extra to have his car towed.
Police work is difficult. It requires a certain personality type, for not anyone can be a police officer. Everyone I encountered during this time had an appearance of enjoying their work.
During my research, one thing I noticed is that there a lot more negative voices regarding our police than positive ones. I found this to be very disheartening. Unfortunately, we live in a world with evil inhabiting it. Police work is completely necessary for hire civilizations existence. However, many believe that evil is a result of poverty and not a result of the human condition. This kind of attitude leads to thinking things like law enforcement being not essential. This results in a bad attitude toward authority. Having placed my faith in Christ, I understand that this is not true. Sin is in all humans very nature (Galatians

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