Essay On How To Become A Police Officer

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Many young people aspire to become police officers. However, not everyone is fit for the role as police work is extremely demanding both physically and mentally. In order to be effective in the job, a policeman should possess superb communication skills, extra-ordinary courage, excellent judgement, empathy, and a high degree of professionalism, to name a few. Choosing this career in law enforcement can be a quite challenging yet rewarding. If you aspire to join the police force, then you are bound to make a difference in your community as well as your own personal life. But before wearing that badge, you must first undergo the first challenge before achieving your dream – to pass the application process. First Challenge: Passing the Written Exam with Flying Colors Aside from passing a physical fitness test, psychological exam, drug test, and a background check, you also need to undergo different written examinations and pass them in order to become a policeman. These examinations are administered to test different competencies. Written exams include common subject areas such as Math, spelling and vocabulary and others. Most significantly, specific test questions are designed to test your skills when it comes to memory, judgement, observation, reaction and common reasoning. How to Ace Your Written Exam …show more content…

Don’t waste your time sorting things out on your own or else you might end up frustrated. The key is to be able to utilize innovative strategies and knowledge for your exams that will propel you notches higher past other police candidates. To do this, make sure you develop a study guide. How do you gather the right information? Simply ask your recruiter or the department’s Human Resource person. Also, check the department’s website to gather more information on possible subject areas to be covered in the exams while also making yourself familiar with the entire police candidate or law enforcement test

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