Becoming A State Trooper

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Law enforcement is an honorable job to have and to uphold, especially a State Trooper. You will have a reputation to uphold. In this field it will come to know that it is very unpredictable. Every morning when you go into the field, there is always a chance you won't come home. Anything can happen at anytime. You have to hope for the best and prepare for the worst. The training is intense, the sleep is minimum, and the work is non-stop. Being a state trooper is not only courageous, but it's just the passion and the desire to make this state a better place. Being in law enforcement has a lot of perks and benefits. The main reason people join, is because the job has so many benefits for the family and yourself. Some of the benefits …show more content…

You will also get to know a lot of bad people. Becoming a State Trooper is a very, long and hard process. You have to go through months of hardcore training. The state gets you prepared for the worst so you know what to do when the time comes. You will go to troop school at the age of 21. There you will meet 17 other men and women pursuing the same career. At the end of those 16 weeks, those 17 men and women will stick with you for the rest of your life. Being a state officer provides you with not just friendships with other officers, but a code of honor. A Brotherhood that cannot be broken. You will also be well known in your community. Being a state officer already gets you you known, but the more you help with your community, the more people use you as an example. A basketball coach talking to his star player before a big game, “You think that state trooper got to take days off while he was training?”, “He never gave up.” I mean if that was me, I would love people to use me as an example like that. Also be used as a lot of resources. Be holding a highly thought of name in the community. When somebody needs a favor who do they call? State Troopers. Especially in a small community. You can be the hometown hero! You can be the guy who everybody looks up to. Having a whole town or city behind you, supporting you and taking care of you would be the best feeling in the

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