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I had the privilege to interview Ed Locklear who is employed at the Pembroke Police Department where he serves as the Assistant Chief and Captain of the department. Ed Locklear has 19 years of experience, and says he truly enjoys his job. He has been with the Pembroke agency for 3 years now, and before that he worked at the campus of UNC Pembroke. His job duties are usually to help the Chief with day to day operations, such as training for some of the other men at the agency, ordering equipment that they may need, responding to calls, and patrolling the area every now and then. His typical day as the Captain is patrolling, checking out the area to make sure nothing bad is happening, and business walk throughs to make sure everything is running smoothly and no one is causing any trouble. Captain …show more content…

He said that in todays time, that is one of the worst crimes going on here recently. He also works with the University and Robinson County Sheriff’s Office. The relationship between them two are both very good, if they ever need help with anything he can call either one of those places. Captain Ed said he would recommend anyone who wants to pursue a career in the law enforcement, to get a four year degree or some kind of education because it helps out your resume when trying to get a better position in the agency. Also to do all of the training you can, because that will help you out in the long run. Lastly he said you have to be passionate about it, that this isn’t a job you get because you want to be rich, you do it because you love your job and want to help. His relationship is good with his community, he was raised here and knew when he was looking for a job he didn’t want to leave home, so he stayed and he loves it. The people are comfortable talking to him, and he’s comfortable talking to the

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