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  • Healthcare Informatics In Healthcare

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    Healthcare informatics is an important aspect of healthcare that is often forgotten about. Health informatics combines the field of medicine and information technology. The most important purpose of health informatics is to deliver the most effective health care to patients. In previous years, the health industry relied on a paper-based system to organize, store, interpret, and integrate patient records and medical information. However, the informatics industry is booming and allowing for new electronic

  • Healthcare Issues In Healthcare

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    of healthcare is important to everyone in the world. Despite the fact that it is available to most countries, it does not mean that it is available to everyone. Being able to possess healthcare is seen as a gift in some parts of the world. In some countries, healthcare is free and accessible for all inhabitants, while in other countries one would have to pay for their own health insurance. Specifically, when focusing on Italy and America, there are major differences regarding their healthcare systems

  • The Importance Of Healthcare In Healthcare

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    A healthcare is a provision of medical care services to the society in an organized way. Healthcare system has been over the years improving to provide better services to improve the quality of life. Currently, the healthcare system has advanced to incorporated new technologies offering careers and therefore availing revenue for application in the research. Despite the improvements in the healthcare, in the last few years, it has been declining in quality leading it into turmoil. The system has been

  • Healthcare Reimbursement In Healthcare

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    Healthcare Reimbursement Healthcare is made up of many factors. Among those factors are provider reimbursement and the different types of financial methods used by the patients to acquire healthcare services. Provider reimbursement is important and necessary in order to maintain the continuation of healthcare. Like every organization, including non-profit organizations, require revenue in order to pay their healthcare providers, expenses accrued, and to obtain the supplies needed to aid in rendering

  • ICT In Healthcare

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    (ICT) in healthcare, often referred to as ‘eHealth’, has now become an essential part of modern nursing practice and is considered by all four countries in the U.K. as an approach to improving healthcare (BAIN 2012). Evidence suggests this has led to improved patient safety and healthcare experiences and better work life experiences for healthcare professionals (The Royal College of Nursing (RCN) 2011). The World Health Organisation (2016) defines eHealth as the application of ICT in healthcare to, for

  • Turnover In Healthcare

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    issues of high employee turnover rate in the Healthcare Sector Introduction Any private or public institution, in whatever area of activity it is involved, needs professional personnel. But there is a natural process of transition of employees from one company to another in order to search for better labour conditions. And medical institutions, Healthcare sector in this case are not an exception. About the issues of high employee turnover rate in the Healthcare Sector and the main reasons why employees

  • Technology In Healthcare

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    Impacts of Technology on Health Care System The structural, organizational parts and the mode of delivery have been positively altered by technological advancements. The integration of technology has made a lot of improvements in the health care sector by making it easier for doctors to give services for and the patients to be able to access quality health care with fewer problems. The major areas that have benefited from technology in the health care sectors include cancer treatment and research

  • Healthcare Corruption In Healthcare

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    Healthcare is a high-risk sector for corruption. It is estimated that between 10% and 25% of global spend on public procurement of health is lost through corruption. Total global spend on healthcare is more than $7 trillion each year. Corruption takes many forms, depending on the country’s level of development and health financing system. No country is exempt from corruption. Patients everywhere are harmed when money is diverted to doctors’ pockets and away from priority services. Yet this complex

  • Stress In Healthcare

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    The implications of stress in healthcare industry It has been discussed in the literature review that healthcare workers face some difficulties and risks of burnout, physical and mental illness during their jobs because of high workload, low social support and sometimes due to the condition and death of patients. Bryant declared that there is a significant increase in the stress of healthcare workers in the last 35 years i.e. from 19-30% and the remaining are physically ill due to high workload.

  • Inequitable Healthcare

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    Inequitable distribution of healthcare between rural and remote areas is an intractable global problem. Rural communities are in generally sicker, less educated and have higher healthcare needs; however irony is that urban communities receive better healthcare and funding in the budget by the government. Hart’s ‘inverse care law’ states that these with the greatest need of healthcare usually have the worst access to healthcare (Wilson, 2009). Inequitable healthcare is recognised as one of the major

  • Disparity In Healthcare

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    Healthcare is a critical component of human survival. To sustain a healthy lifestyle, proper healthcare services should be offered based on universality and affordability. The access to healthcare has been, however, far from universal or affordable. For institutional, political and socioeconomic reasons, access to healthcare is characterized by growing disparities between healthcare service recipients. Institutionally, disparity can be witnessed in concentration of premium services in organizations

  • Reimbursement In Healthcare

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    Healthcare is made up of many factors. Among those factors is the financial aspect such as provider reimbursement and the different types of financial methods used by the patients to acquire healthcare services. Provider reimbursement is important and necessary in order to maintain the continuation of healthcare. Like every organization, the healthcare industry also requires funds in order to pay for expenses accrued and to purchase the supplies needed to aid in rendering services. With that said

  • Healthcare Fraud In The Healthcare System

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    ISSUE: Healthcare fraud what is it and who’s impacted by it? Healthcare fraud is a crime that has made a huge financial impact on the private and public sectors health care payment systems, The fraud occurs when someone falsifies a fact related to health care services to obtain or increase payment from a health plan or the government. It also occurs when someone falsifies details in delivery of healthcare services or materials (Kongstvedt, P 2012). Healthcare fraud has cause and continues to be

  • Negatives Of Blockchain In Healthcare

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    BLOKCHAIN: HOW DOES IT FIT WITH HEALTHCARE IT? This article will disclose what Blockchain is and how it will change the whole healthcare industry. So if you’re a healthcare professional or an individual interested in using advantages of the welfares of Blockchain technology, read on! What if all medicines you’ve taken, information of every doctor’s visit, operations, and infection could be captured efficiently and accurately? How advantageous would it be if you can have the full history of your

  • Healthcare Coordination

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    Hospitals are complex organizations in which multiple healthcare professionals work interdependently to deliver care (Gatrell, 2005). Unfortunately, such conditions raise the potential for confusion, errors and delays for both the hospital and the patients. It is important that the patient information is accurate and provided on a timely basis. However, better collection and dissemination of information on patients and provider performance appears to be a cornerstone for building improved care coordination

  • Adherence In Healthcare

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    in achieving patient’s therapeutic goal as it is the pinnacle of good therapeutic outcome and effective pharmacological response of drugs. The points below will help us understand the important role and how critical medication adherence is in the healthcare system. I. In particular disorder like epilepsy, medication adherence is important to maintain a constant serum drug concentration to avoid convulsion in epileptic patients. Sodium valproate is considered as an epileptic drug that requires high

  • Teamwork In Healthcare

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    The team members independently treat various issues a patient may have, focusing on the issues in which they specialise.” In short, various healthcare workers with different passions, skills and expertise in different fields of study come together to provide the highest level of care possible to the patient. Patients present themselves in a myriad of fashions, from outpatients to trauma patients

  • Biometrics In Healthcare

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    Biometrics is the application of statistical analysis to biological data. When applying the use of biometrics to the healthcare industry you are able to use multiple sources of biological data to secure every source. However, the healthcare system it is broken down into “four “nested” levels: (1) the individual patient; (2) the care team, which includes professional care providers (e.g., clinicians, pharmacists, and others), the patient, and family members; (3) the organization (e.g., hospital, clinic

  • Medication Error In Healthcare

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    Medication error is not something new in healthcare service. Researchers had identified medication error is the high numbers of incidents involving nursing practice. Thus, a proper and well designed organizational system should be in place for the process of administration of medication to minimize and prevent errors. Medication happens when there is a failure in the system. To my surprise when I did the write up for this paper I had came across many clinical practice guidelines on medication safety

  • Inpatient Survey In Healthcare

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    Most health care facilities have created a survey questionnaire to have first-hand knowledge for the input from the customers. There are several department within a hospital and through out many health care facilities. An inpatient survey is developed to demonstrate the quality of care received to the cleanness of the room and even the food that was prepared for the patient. Survey are looking for the consistency, clarity and the brevity of the inpatient stay. With the information received the managers