Pros And Cons Of Missouri State Patrol

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State Patrol During the last few weeks, I have been with the Missouri State Patrol and have seen some of the pros and cons of the agency. There are always cons with the job that people do not like the pay or some of the work that is required for them to do. From what has been seen the abuse of power or believing they are above the law and can do what they want. So far that has not been the case and that is a good sign due to in other agencies there may be officers with that issue. Especially with how they are ranked can make a difference in the situation as well on mistreating others.
One of the issues dealing with some of the officers with what positions they work in the patrol. They have a hard time understanding why they are being compared …show more content…

An officer is working for the public helping to protect and to help keep everyone safe from danger. The public does not work as an officer because they are not trained or are aware of how the job works. When misusing your power this takes an effect on the public and how they will function around the police. You want the public to feel welcome and that they feel safe knowing that there is an officer around. Police that are leaving horrible impressions on the public is what ruins the relationship between the people and officers. Leaving many of them not wanting them to be around or not giving them a chance to be friends even when they are not in uniform. Most of the issues are started within the cities where law enforcement may seem a little stricter. When working with one agency such as the highway patrol you see a little more of the conflict that exists between the various agencies. Such as city police and sheriffs, especially in how they all respond to each other and whether they can agree on the same …show more content…

Sheriffs have power over the county in whole and are usually seen as the officers that are in control of the people being taken into jail. Many of them work together in high priority job or sometimes wrecks and other small incidents. If it deals with a drug bust, bank robbery, or a murder then this will be the three agencies together where they will have to work together. Which runs into difficulty when they have a problem with who think they have higher power than the other and tries taken care of the whole situation. Highway patrol works a little more independently as the officers have a lot more freedom and their own say. There is no reporting to a police department daily and checking in with your boss frequently. You are based out on your own so following the rules is important because many of the time reports will be filed against the officer. Many of the troopers are watched closely to where if they mess up the circumstances are not good. So many of them do not try to take advantage of their job and just put a bad representation out

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