Hate Against Police Officers

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There is a belief among some people that racist white police officers are hunting down innocent black men(Bandler, 2016). But thanks to a series of numbers brought to our eyes by the hand of a Heather Mac Donald, statistics from 2015 show that cops kill almost twice as many white people as black people (Mac Donald, 2016). On top of these statistics, the majority of the black victims were handling some kind of deadly weapon(Bandler, 2016). This does have a direct correlation with the amount of force used within the police force simply because of judgement and the way an intense time could alter the way people think or feel about specific situations(Bandler, 2016). Today, these specific situations almost seem like any traffic stop or crime confrontation(Bandler, 2016). This is all in result of the growing hate against police officers and in addition now, the hate towards our current president(Bandler, 2016). This hate towards cops would expectedly have a direct effect on how the cops perform. Most would walk around a little more jumpy than usual when people are resistant and sketchy(Bandler, 2016). Having had talked to cops before, they do clarify the difficulties in identifying a situation correctly(Bandler, 2016). On top of these accounts being during normal times, it would make it just that much more difficult when it …show more content…

Also that 40 percent of cop killers are black(Bandler, 2016). The media has dramatically affected the view of cops on our general population(Bandler, 2016). A large portion of people today rely solely on specific news stations for information, regardless of their history of credibility and honesty(Bandler, 2016). All news stations at some point have lied and manipulated stories to pull more viewers of a specific demographic(Bandler,

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