Police Brutality: A Tracious Social Issue

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The police department of Los Angeles slogan is, “to protect and to serve.” To protect and to serve as in providing safety and assistance. As of November 29, 2015, 1,077 citizens have been killed by a United States’ police. That is equivalent to at least one death every eight hours. Do you feel protected? Are we protected? Police Brutality is not a racial issue, it’s a social issue. Police brutality is a serious social issue occurring in the United States to say that we are united. This is a vital affair that is needed to be addressed to the three branches of government as soon as possible.
This is not a racial issue, this is a social problem. By July of 2015, the number of police- related deaths extended to 664 making the country’s police force one of the deadliest in the USA. Out of the total of 644 deaths, 321 were Caucasian fatalities, 174 were African Americans, and 96 were Hispanics. According to the reports, 578 of these deaths were involved guns, others involved car …show more content…

Cops are indicted in less than one percent of killings compared to the rate of citizens which is ninety percent. Why policemen are not charged for a crime that is clear that they committed? For example, in Bridgetown, New Jersey on December 30th, 2014. Jerame Reid was shot by Braheme Days and Roger Warley. Reid advocated he would get out the car and on the ground ensuring the officers that he didn’t have anything but Days stated not to and made a remark, “Reid would be dead if he reaches for anything.” Officer Warley fired one shot and “did not hit anything” according to the prosecutor’s office but Days fired seven shots that struck Reid repeatedly. At the time, Reid was waiting for a settlement for being severely beaten in jail after a 2009 arrest. Both officers were on leave with pay, which later led to the conclusion to not charge the two officers, but it was noticeable that he was shot by Officer Days. Do our lives really

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