Persuasive Essay On Black People

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Cops around the United States have been accused of racially profiling black people. This topic has been brought up by everyone around the U.S. and is very controversial. Studies have shown that the majority of deaths by police officers have been people of opposite color in America. Police brutality in America is a growing epidemic that has shown no signs of slowing down. Innocent men, women, and even children have been killed by police officers for no reason. Black lives matter, all lives matter. The Black Lives Matter movement has been expanding around the United States in the last few years. There are a huge number of people that are against the Black Lives Matter movement and say that the cops are just doing their job no matter what happens. When there is a news story about police brutality on black people, there are people that say that the cops are innocent and should not be held accountable for murder (Greene32). When someone is killed by another person it is murder no matter what unless if it is in self defense, but a lot of the murders of black people by cops are for no reason. We hear stories about how an officer has shot and killed black male after pulling them over and saying that it was in self defense to shoot, but what they do not tell you or show is that the man was just stepping out of his car and had his hands up. Another opposition is that it is not discrimination. When cops are accused of discrimination against blacks people there will always be people

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