Persuasive Essay On Racism

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Racism, the act of “…prejudice, discrimination, or antagonism directed against someone of a different race…”, is a major problem today. It gives people fear, doubt, shame, and sometimes guilt. In addition, racism gives people an awful perspective of life and sometimes, if one is looking up to a racist, the racist’s point of view begins to alter the person’s judgement. Racism could also lead to great conflict arising from those who heavily despise that race and maybe even mass killings, which foreshows that racism needs to be stopped and ended completely. The first step we should take towards demolishing racism is to allow children, starting at the age of 7, to learn more about the impact of racism, specifically by having to watch a program that he/she will watch 24/7 all about anti-racism. By introducing this topic at a very young age, the child’s mind will be able to easily understand and comprehend the day-to-day struggles of those who have faced the troubles of racism and will motivate them to never go down that path. In terms of laws, racism is hardly mentioned, which goes to show, the U.S. needs to enact more laws to help cripple racism. For instance, for every second some orange skinned, wigged, egotistical maniac uses some atrocious, racist, name-calling, rant directed towards an individual, they will have to pay a small loan of a million dollars. Groups such as the NAACP, the Black Alliance For Just Immigration and the Black Lives Matter Movement are all great

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