Essay On Racism In Society

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Racism: a curse for the society INTRODUCTION:- "Racism is an ideology that gives expression to myths about other racial and ethnic groups that devalues and renders inferior those groups that reflects and is perpetuated by deeply rooted historical, social, cultural and power inequalities in society." Racism is one of the oldest truth around the world .Racism, is said to be as old as the human society. Racism is nothing but only the belief that all members of each race possess the characteristics, abilities, or qualities which are specific to that race, especially, so as to distinguish it as inferior or superior to another race or races. And this differentiation change the people’s mentality and bring death among themselves. …show more content…

If you think that we are having injustice here in Honduras or we had that is nothing compare to all the other situations of injustice in the world? Nelson Mandela is one of the greatest person of South Africa who spent his young life fighting for the freedom of South Africa’s black and colored population from operation improvised by the minority government. For this act of his, he was imprisoned for 27 years which is a part of racial discrimination. Soon after release, he became the first president of South Africa in election. Before becoming president he received the Nobel Peace Prize for fighting for racism in South …show more content…

As the realities of race – who is white and who is not-shift over time and according-to class, language, location, and various other factors, it becomes increasingly clear that people should not be the object of attack. People raced as white are not the problem, the problem is white supremacy, white privilege, and white empire. People of all races contribute to these social, political, and legal ills, and people of all races can unite to destroy

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