Racism In North America Essay

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Race has been a common dividing factor in most of North America’s history. From slavery to hate groups that thrive on racism, North America has its fair amount of hatred between races. Recently, this past June a gunman opened fire in a church killing nine people. While this is a tragedy, it is also a hate crime for a white man went into a church and killed nine African Americans. Last June, a twenty-one year old man named Dylann Storm Roof rocked the nation with an awful hate crime. During a bible study meeting at Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church, Roof entered with a gun and proceeded to kill six women and three men (Follman, 2015). The nine men and women were all very important in the South Carolina community they lived in and included …show more content…

The fact that it affects a large population makes it a public issue (Bruce, 2015). Most people can relate to an instance of racism that they have either caused or it has been directed against them. There are several causes of racism as well; sometimes it is how the person grew up. If they grew up hearing racist slurs through their childhood, they might follow in their families’ footsteps and be racist as well. Another reason is society; in society we still see racism and seeing one person judge another person due to skin color with no consequence but a reaction from the other person, then others will try racism as well for the reaction. One other reason is that we see racism in our daily lives usually though television or movies. This causes people to think ‘if my favorite actor/actress can say these racist things, then so can I’. Though there are several reasons for racism, we can help stop racism as well. One way that will help hugely is by educating. As a society, if we educate our kids then we can better explain that racism hurts rather than helps. Also if we stop racism in its tracks, then we can make a better society for everyone to thrive in (Bruce, 2015). Though it can be argued that racism brings people together for this is how we get hate groups, racism does not help society at all. Racism truly tears a society in half. With all of the different

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