Longtown Racism Essay

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When it comes down to race, many people still judge others by the color of their skin and make assumptions that are most likely false. Therefore coming together no matter what race you are, and not being a racist society is something that Riverside should focus on. No one should be judged by how they look. An article published by the Washington Post, “Ohio town rare history: Races mix freely for nearly 200 years” gives information on the fact that a town called Longtown in Ohio has been a mixed race community for about 200 years. In the town they are taught that color doesn’t matter, and they are not judged in any way in the town. In the past years the town has been getting some racism and people out of Longtown are trying to destroy their way of living. Racist notes were left …show more content…

In “Is racism on the rise?” by Catherine E. Shoichet, CNN, talking about racism is still growing in the U.S and so far is not getting better. The U.S. has a high percentage of people saying that there is still racism and some have personally felt like they were being discriminated for how they look. The author states this by saying, “...roughly half of Americans-- 49% -- say racism is “a big problem” in society today.” From this that means that almost half of people in the U.S. are noticing the problem that is not getting better. In the past two decades the percent of people that say racism is an extensive problem has raised from 41% to 49%.

In conclusion, Longtown has showed us that diversity isn’t a bad thing, and judging a person who different than you isn’t doing you any good . How would you feel if you were being judged by your color or the way you look? The world is changing, but racism is not. The fact that racism is still a massive problem around the world, makes it hard to believe that is will ever end. By changing the way we view others, it could change the way others view

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