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thesis: 1) proper education can inspire a positive attitude to racism 2) education helps racial students to move from intolerance to acceptance and understanding of cultural difference 3) education provides cognitive skills, which increases people’s captivity people’s capacity to detect prejudice and to reject it. Is Education the Best Inversion Against Racism? The ex Prime minister of Britain Tony Blair has always insisted the importance of education in preventing racism. According to Tony Blair some people are born to be bad, you can’t stop people from being bad (Blair, T. Education backs Lessons Against racism 1999.) proper education can help get rid of prejudice and changes in the national curriculum of the British educative system whereby …show more content…

To resolve these relating to segregation and educational inequity, educators must face racism upfront. Educators have to confront their own, sometimes unmindful, racism, and then move toward integration that will lead to a better cure of racism or at least a prejudice reduction. Important aspects of a multicultural curriculum include critical thinking, emotional intelligence instruction, character, moral education, peace education, service learning, antiviolence education, and the comprehensive of education etc. Sandra Parks, a successful educator, believes that by adapting the curriculum and by addressing expressions of racism, schools can help students improve to by understanding and dealing with other people, of peoples color and cultural differences. She believes that teachers have to show respect towards their students, their families, and their students' cultural backgrounds. Teaching this respect have to be foremost duty of all teachers training curriculum. She relates the incident of who speaks Spanish, a Mexican American girl brought up in the Southwest whose life was initially a bit problematical. Her multicultural school they faced a lack of tolerance for nonmainstream societies that led to incidents of disrespect. (the Effects of Racism in School). However, it was only when a new teacher saw her potential over and above her color and encouraged her academic progress which eventually made her a renowned public

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