Argumentative Essay On Racism In Schools

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“Racism distorts our sense of danger and safety. We are taught to live in fear of people of color. We are exploited economically by the upper class and unable to fight or even see this exploitation because we are taught to scapegoat people of color (Kivel, P).” This quote from the article, The Cost of Racism to White People, barely digs at one of the reasons why racism still occurs in today’s world. There are many motives out there for why racism still occurs. Without a doubt racism still has an influence in the education system. Students in school today are still harmed by prejudice in the system and this interview is verification for those instances. My interviewee and I attended the same elementary and high school together. We shared …show more content…

She strongly believed that aspects of racism can make a person feel down, or depressed. This leads to struggling in school performance. I cannot exactly contribute an opinion to this matter because I have never felt discriminated against in the school setting that made myself feel down or upset. I have gone to school upset and understand how hard it can be to focus when your mind is focused on other things. So, it is clear to me to see that bullying because of race can have a long-term effect and make it more challenging to succeed in …show more content…

However, this quote is, “Becoming comfortable with the uncomfortable.” In the last question, I asked my interviewee to describe a memory when they felt like people in your school were being racist to you. She responded that at the end of the school day, after the bell rang, people would yell slanderous remarks about her race. She knew it was only happening then because the halls were filled and she wouldn’t have a clue who was making the comments. She was faced with dealing with things that made her uncomfortable

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