Persuasive Essay On Racism

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Racism has always existed with humans. Racism is treating someone differently of unfairly simply because they belong to a different ethnic community of have a different religion or nationality. When someone believes their race is better than another and feels superior ro other people because of his of her race, is called racism. Throughout time, many people have lost their lives, or lost their families and children, and are left without homes due to racism. Racism causes wars, which could destroy humanity ultimately. Feeling superior or more powerful than another race shows the evil within racism. World War II is a war that was caused by racism. The main reason behind the war was that Hitler felt that his race was superior compared to the other races, such as the jews and gypsies. The end result was a death count between fifty million to eighty million people. eleven million of them being jewish people. The slavery of the African people is an example of when people undermined a group of people based on their race, and ended with dire consequences. The white people used force and power to “rule” over the Africans, which ended up with about sixty million Africans to die. I believe that racism can be stopped in three ways. First educate yourself about racism as much as possible and learn about the consequences of it, next, we need to see people as equals and as human beings, and lastly, we cannot give up or fail to speak up if you see racism in action. These simple steps can be

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