Persuasive Essay On Equality And Discrimination

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Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. once had a dream in which he calls for an end to racism in the U.S. and calls for civil and economic rights. So much has changed since then, but there are still problems that are in the process of being solved. When a person treats a group differently because of that group 's religion, it 's unfair. For a character who has different beliefs, it should not address them the right to criticize another individual. Nowadays, humans judge other humans by the way there features stand out. Whether they are overweight, average, underweight, not young enough, or too small or towering. Although the rights for women have changed drastically over the years, there are still women suffering out in the world. Some of my dreams for civil equality are no more discriminating on other people 's beliefs, the rights of women, and ending all discriminations for looks. Religion discrimination involves treating an individual adversely because of their religious beliefs. When it comes to religious beliefs, people tend to discriminate other people. Sadly, there are people going through harassment for not believing what others believe. It occurs to be illegal to harass a person who has a different opinion than another. Although, the law does not forbid teasing, or curt comments, harassment actually becomes illegal when it happens constantly to the point where it creates an unfriendly work environment. Individuals works to earn money so that they can survive and pay off their

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