Persuasive Essay On Gender Equality

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In our advanced 21st century, it is hard to imagine our society as anything short of perfect. After all, we have come a long way from our seafaring ancestors. However, the reality is that despite how we may sometimes avoid seeing it, our society is anything but perfect. A very prevalent issue today is that despite laws being set in place to enforce the equal treatment of men and women, women all over the world today still face poor treatment and discrimination. Because of how deep and long this problem has run, revising discriminatory laws may not abolish discrimination and legislating laws that endorse gender equality may not necessarily create equality. However, without laws that promote and safeguard the laws of women, they remain vulnerable and lack the governmental support and legal standards necessary for equality. The poor treatment of women can clearly be seen by how women are constantly pitted against each other and it seems like everything is a competition between women. For example, women are constantly being compared with each other to see which one of them is more attractive. This competitive way is how so many of us have been brought up and as such constantly feel like life is a competition where we have to compete with others of the same gender. This can clearly be seen in the movie, “The Social Network” where the images of two random females were put beside each other and people could vote as to whom they found more attractive. Trust could not be fostered

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