Gender Inequality In Women

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In our present time, with equality being a prevalent topic, it seems traditional societal values are shifting. However, our society isn’t evolving at the rate certain groups are satisfied with. Although progress has been made in past decades, women are still facing the same inequality now as they were sixty years ago. Make no mistake, those who face oppression have risen up. Females have managed to challenge the world’s conscious, by demanding equality to their male counterparts (qtd. in Neuborne 62). Even with the growing feminist movement, some ears remain deaf. Women continue to face obstacles, in every aspect of their lives. Women fought for their right to vote, the right to their own independence, and to marry who they choose. Some…show more content…
There are many aspects of the workplace where women have the chance to be discriminated against, including job positions, length of employment, and salary. “In 2010, American women on average earned 81 percent of what their male counterparts earned” (ILO). Imagine working the exact same job as someone, doing the same amount of work, and then being paid twenty percent less than they were. That is the reality for women in America. However, minorities, such as African American and Mexican American women face an even deeper pay gap than Caucasian women. These statistics are becoming increasingly more accessible, meaning the world is becoming more aware of the…show more content…
One common solution is starting a business. “One of the reasons that women start their own businesses is because they are fed up with being discriminated against in the corporate world” (Pollitt 75). Women are creating their own career paths and opportunities, and do not have to rely on men to advance their careers. Small businesses run by women have increased in recent years, “as of 2012, there are 9.9 million women-owned businesses – a 27.5% rate of increase from the last time this survey was done in 2007” (Women). One of the reasons women are unable to advance in their careers is because of the stereotype which excludes women from the workplace. The idea that women belong in the kitchen is still how some think. When a woman has to work with those who don’t believe that she deserves the job that she has, it puts her and her career in a compromising position. Respect in the workplace is what leads to success, and many women have to live with a lack of

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