How Does Racism Affect Our Society

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It is no secret that racism is something abominable. It is a word coloured by the actions people executed under its name, such as the holocaust and apartheid. A dangerous word pointing at humanity’s flaws and disfigurement, associated with former mistakes made in history. However, even though the majority of the earth’s population agree that racju8ism has been a negative force in our world’s history, there are still people who hold onto its ideas - every day we hear about it on the news, we read about in articles and we see it happen right before our eyes. We need to discuss the effects racism has on our world, and acknowledge what a current and urgent issue it truly is.

To begin with, the most obvious aspect to discuss is the effect racism has on the individual. The person who lives their life under the prejudices’
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What effect can this continuous depreciation have? Toni Morrison tells in her book “The bluest eye” (1970) the story of a young black girl named Pecola who develops an inferiority complex due to her skin colour. Morrison wishes to portray the effects of racism…show more content…
We have come to the point where we realise that the people who are subject to racism are being unjustifiably treated - however, perhaps it is time to also realise that in reality, no one benefits from racism. Not the people who are subject to it, nor the people who practice it. It is a cruel weapon, aimed in every direction - and no one escapes its consequences. Perhaps by raising the awareness of racism’s detrimental effect on society, we can finally join together to bring the changes needed. Whatever reasoning one has to make, it is clear that racism has to stop. Neverthless, never forget that those who are subject to racism are the ones who suffer the
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