Scottsboro Trials Essay

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Racism is still violent and harmful to lots of people. Its effect is still strong and harmful. Racism is affecting people 's everyday lives and changes them for the worse and there is no sign of stopping. Despite all the movements and struggles racism can still easily kill and hurt as it has in the past.
Racism and segregation was very prominent in the past. In the article ‘’the scottsboro trials reveal racism’’ from great events it says that two women accused 9 african american boys of rape with no proof. 8 of them were sentenced to death. In relation to those cases the scottsboro trials reveal racism says ‘’most non-alabamians who followed the story and growing numbers of people with the state, came to believe that the defendants were innocent
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In the article ‘’ Racism finds a thousand ways to kill, scar and oppress’’. By carmelo david It says ‘’ Racism kill this is obvious in the police killings that have sparked the important black lives matter in the U.S’’. like in the article above the article ‘’ Racism finds a thousand ways to kill, scar and oppress’’ it says that racism hurts in different ways either by them losing their jobs or in living in poverty and their is no upside to it. The violence of racism and the damage it causes has not really changed from the past the killings are just proof of that. Racism is causing the deaths and injury of many as in being attacked or being fired from your job. These articles are proof of how racism is still violent and harmful to lots of people every day and it affects the other people in their lives. In conclusion the violence of racism has not faded or disappeared from the present. The violence and struggle racism has caused is very apparent throughout history. But it still has a tight hold on the present and that 's bad for everyone. Racism is a disease that has spread through the peoples history and the only cure is the people taught by that
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