Racism In America In Harper Lee's To Kill A Mockingbird

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Racism in America Racism can be defined as a major problem in United States history, and can be dated back to the 1400’s. Racism can be viewed and defined in many ways, but most accurately is seen as the state of characterizing an individual based on his race, and or believing that one race is superior to another (Shah) . Racism is as big of a problem in the USA as anyone can think, starting way back to when the country had just began to form, when Europeans started settling into the 13 original colonies (Shah). Ever since then, it seems that the problem has only been on the rise, rather than the opposite. Racism has always been a major issue, although hundreds of years have passed since the birth of racism, the problem just seems to never go away. Racism can be introduced to anyone in a novel titled “To Kill a Mockingbird”. Author of the novel Harper Lee, decides to introduce the problem in her book, taking place in the 1930’s, specifically during the Great Depression. Racism is a social issue in the novel all around, in which no trouble should be caused to acknowledge it. Straight from the start, Harper Lee chooses to introduce Maycomb County, a county in which the blacks and whites have separate communities (Lee). The black and white communities of Maycomb hardly ever come across one another, and in the rare occasion of such occurrence, the black individual most likely will get punished. Maycomb County is filled with so called “laws” that punish the black individual with

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