Annotated Bibliography Of Scottsboro Trial

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Annotated Bibliography Altman, Susan. “Scottsboro Trial.” Encyclopedia of African-American Heritage, Second Edition, Facts On File, 2000. African-American History. “Scottsboro Trial” by Susan Altman discusses how nine African Americans in 1931 were arrested for being falsely accused of rape. The source gives an overall summary and events that happened to the boys after standing trial. From reading the source the information is very reliable and unbiased. The goal of the source was to tell you how, why, and what happen to the Scottsboro boys. The source was not useful in helping my argument that the Justice System failed lynch victims. First of all these boys were never lynched and secondly the Supreme Court dropped their charges due to the …show more content…

The source seemed biased in the beginning talking about former mayor Rudy Giuliani who spoke about former President Barack Obama. This source was very useful and helpful because it fits body paragraph number one. It showed how police failed to protect blacks. Showing how police had racial prejudices and would even help lynchers. JAY REEVES - Associated, Press. Memorial to Confront South's Troubled History of Lynchings. AP Top News Package, Associated Press DBA Press Association, 09/26/2016. EBSCOhost “Memorial to Confront South’s Troubled History of Lynching” by Jay Reeves is about a memorial being built in Alabama City for black lynch victims. Discussed how people are really for the museum and how some are against it. In addition, brought up how the memorial is depending on fundraising with the Ford Foundation to be built. Even though the source was a good read it was not a good source for my arguments. Comparing it to other sources the reference does not discuss police, juries, and Emmett Till. The source is reliable with interviewing different point of views and citing stats from the Equal Justice Initiative. The goal of this article is to inform readers about the memorial for just black lynch victims is being built in Alabama

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