Informative Essay On Racism

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I believe we need to know about racism 's past in order to prevent it from being in our future. Previously when I heard the word racism I thought it had to do with a conflict between black and white, but there 's much more to it. According to pbs.org racism developed around 1667 when whites had just met blacks and automatically viewed them as inferior. For those who don’t know racism means the segregation prejudice, and/or antagonism due to someone thinking there race is superior over another. The first accounts of racism in the U.S. were said to have been as late as 1619 when the first recorded slaves arrived on boat delivered to Jamestown, Virginia to aid in tobacco picking for the new english settlers.
You will here about how racism is a daily problem, What we could be doing to stop it, and how it is affecting daily lives around the U.S. These are problems that could be the most beneficial to stopping racism due to the fact that they all related in based on how they revolve around a social dynamic. This is the largest part that affects why there is racism. What this means is that where a person live the school they go to or even their work has the biggest impact on racism. …show more content…

This page is going to talk about the problem of racism today. Racism isn 't something that’s going to get abolished soon. Only 49% of Americans acknowledge that racism is still a problem, that other 51% either is unaware or doesn 't care. That doesn 't mean we can 't get rid of racism, and it’s probably going to be something that doesn’t go away just because it 's in human nature to dislike or try to fight off foreign or alien things that makes unsure what to think. There are many groups that try to get rid of it like human rights activists and what not, but along with anything else in this world there are also opposing sides to this topic like white supremacy groups such as the Ku Klux Klan (KKK) or even the National Socialist

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