Racial Segregation In Public Schools

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In the epitome of education, racial segregation is still a major factor in the world today. In today’s society when you hear the word racism, what comes to mind? In the wake of recent events at the University of Columbia – Mizzou, we find that racism is alive and well. You would think in the 20th century, we would have come further along in the way of racial issues and be more tolerable of others regardless of their race. This does not seem to be the case and the question is: Why during this day and age do we as a nation have to deal with or tolerate the negative impacts of racism that infiltrates the core of everything that this nation was built on. Racial segregation not only affects this generation but future generations as well. In…show more content…
I believe that it does. Segregation is saying to me that it is better to stay with your own group and not intermingle with people who are of a different race. Inner city school or schools in disadvantaged neighborhoods are not afforded the same opportunities that integrated school systems are. In order for everyone to be given the same opportunities and the same advantages integrated school systems can give those opportunities. Segregation is a negative stigma attached to a group of people because of ignorance and lack of knowledge of another group of…show more content…
When you keep silent about something this significant it only escalates and blows up into something that could have been prevented. Racism is a very serious issue that involves everyone’s attention and without serious intervention this will create animosity in the generations to come. Racism needs to be squashed at the source, that is within people’s mindset (the way they see others). For so many years the issues of racism have not been dealt with and it is consistently being hidden and coming out at various times infiltrating our society and rearing its ugly head. Implementing policy changes within the educational system can help, but how does that affect the community as a whole. Racial tension will always be a very serious issue unless people come together despite their racial differences and come up with solutions that will not only relieve some of the inconsistencies and pressure but help the next generation to see themselves in a different
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