Riots In The 1900's

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Racism and segregation has a mass history in the United States which impacted our society greatly. There were many riots, boycotts, and strikes which occurred throughout the 1900’s. Many people simply wanted peace and to bring everyone together no matter what race or color and others wanted to be separated from people with a different skin color and race. Whites and blacks were being separated from bathrooms and even restaurants. This resulted in conflict between our society which left many killed and injured. It took so much power to bring our society together as a whole. Riots after riots occurred all across the United States and one of the known on which happened in 1919 was the race riots in Chicago. This riot simply caused families to …show more content…

Riots began to trigger as a result of the death of a young black man. According to History (2016), “On July 27, 1919, an African-American teenager drowned in Lake Michigan after violating the unofficial segregation of Chicago’s beaches and being stoned by a group of white youths. His death, and the police’s refusal to arrest the white man whom eyewitnesses identified as causing it, sparked a week of rioting between gangs of black and white Chicagoans.”(Retrieved from the History website : The problem of racism caused riots to occur between blacks and whites leaving many people killed or injured because of simply one racial decision. “When the riots ended on August 3, 15 whites and 23 blacks had been killed and more than 500 people injured; an additional 1,000 black families had lost their homes when they were torched by rioters.”(Retrieved from the History website : The reason of the riots was segregation and vicious racism. The officer’s racial decision on not arresting the suspect because he was white impacted the city of Chicago in …show more content…

Anger shouldn’t be put out on people who have caused no harm to the situation. The violence involved in the riots was a very negative impact on our society. It has led many killed, homeless, and even injured. The riots left people hopeless. According to the History Channel, “1,000 black families had lost their homes when they were torched by rioters.” (Retrieved from the History Channel website : All those home were owned by just black families. The riots left the black people in depression. The riots was showing our country how uncaring we are for one another and that our skin color matters more than what we actually are in the inside. The riots was separating our society by groups and skin color. Hatred is all people saw in each other’s eyes. Kids looked upon our society seeing that it was just full of hatred. No one was stopping the riots or helping out. The only solution people saw to the problem was to harm or kill one another. Peace was nowhere in the picture. It was definitely wrong for the white folks to kill a young black man, but a better way to solve the problem would have been to protest peacefully. The riots of 1919 was full of negativity impacting our U.S. society in a negative

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