Racism And Stereotypes

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Racism is an ongoing global issue that has oppressed many 'minorities ' for years now. More specifically, up until 1964, the 'African-American ' community of the United States of America were segregated, degraded and treated as second class citizens compared to their white counterparts. Some people would even argue that now, even though all citizens have the same legal rights, societally, black people are not viewed as equal to their white neighbours. Today, black people are still victims of hate crimes, they are still oppressed and are treated substandard to everyone else. Black people are often still falling victim to biased stereotypes and negative stigma. There are many reports that will show how little the American government really …show more content…

How we can change
Change regarding discrimination and racism will be extremely difficult, especially considering that racism has been going on for as long as we can remember. The American community is already so corrupt and biased that stereotypes are practically drilled into their minds already. Breaking down these stereotypes, undoing all those years of negative thinking and changing convicting representations of black people is the first step to hopefully ending racism.
2016 was a big year for social activists and only now is the media starting to celebrate diversity, but if we want change, we have to start normalising minorities. Personally, I believe that we have to stop giving racist slurs and stereotypes power, by labelling them as 'out of bounds ' or 'wrong ' you 're basically upholding their power and further giving them power to hurt. If we demean these slurs and bring them down to having virtually no effect, then the power is gone and they lose their ability to offend people. Using the terms 'minority ' and 'African-American ' not only suggests that those people are less than, it also implies that they are less American than everyone else. By placing the word African in front of American, it mocks the individuals authenticity of American citizenship. We have to stop labelling people as their nationalities, and start labelling them as people. People with beliefs, values and interests. Normalising the black community and representing them more regularly will slowly stop being recognised as 'brave ' and 'nice of the company ' but will start to be expected and necessary. When people start to see black people as just people and not their race, then racism will start to fade, but as for now, racism in the 'African-American ' community is alive and will continue to

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