Essay On Unequal In America

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What makes people unequal to others in their mind? Many think others are unequal because they are simply different from them. The possibilities on being different from another person are almost infinite, but most often, and not limited to, are race, religion, gender, sexuality, or just being an outcast. Looking at just the United States, it is a huge melting pot based on immigration throughout history. Being an immense melting pot is a blessing and a curse; while it creates cultural diversity, it also creates discrimination, which America is notoriously known for. This is because America was built on slave-owning, rich, white, cisgender, old men. Many think persons are unequal to them, but many vary on why. By just looking at the history of …show more content…

Racism is a continuing battle for people of color because they are considered the “inferior” race by many. The reason for this is because America was built on white slave owners. People of color were pretty much always considered the “inferior” race because white people though they were entitled to owning everything, including people. But some don’t see people as being inferior because of their race. Some don’t “see” race at all; to them, they are just people. Jean Louise Finch from Go Set a Watchman was one of the people who didn’t judge on race. To back this up is a quote from Go Set a Watchman; “ ‘You’re color blind, Jean Louise, ‘ he said. ‘You always have been, you always will be. The only differences you see between one human and another are differences in looks and intelligence and character and the like. You’ve never been prodded to look at people as a race, and now that race is the burning issue of the day, you’re still unable to think racially. You only see people,’ “( Lee 270). Jean Louise, despite being born white in the southern United States during Civil Rights Time, saw the quality of a person, not their ethnicity. This had helped her be a better judge of character when it came to who the person was on the inside rather their

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