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Throughout history women have not been given the credit that they truly deserve. Women have been treated cruel since the very beginning. It takes real women to stand up for what they deserve and only certain women will do this. These women need to get credit for the chances they took and the influences they have made on the world. Famous American women have changed the world and have proved that no matter the race, size, or disabilities life might strike people with, they can still conquer remarkable feats. Although today all ethnic groups are considered equal in the eyes of man, life has not always been simple for everyone. African Americans were treated very poorly until special people came along, and stood up for what they believed …show more content…

Marilyn Monroe was born Norma Jeane Mortensen on June 1st 1926, in Los Angeles California (“The Secret Life of Marilyn Monroe”22). She was placed in a foster home right after birth due to her mother’s lack of trust. The beginning of her life consisted of moving to and from different foster homes and orphanages until in 1937, Grace and Doc Goddard took her in for a couple of years. The Goddard’s were paid twenty five dollars a week by Monroe’s mother (“The Secret Life of Marilyn Monroe”28). In 1942 Doc got transferred to the East Coast and they could not afford to pay for Monroe anymore. Monroe got sent back to a foster care at the age of seven where she said she was sexually assaulted and later said she was raped, she needed a way out (“The Secret Life of Marilyn …show more content…

Later on, the same year she got married, she dropped out of high school and went to work in a munitions factory in Burbank, California while her husband, a merchant marine, was sent to the South Pacific. While at work one day, a photographer found Monroe and thought she would make an amazing model (“The Secret Life of Marilyn Monroe”106). By the time her husband had returned in 1946, Monroe had already a successful model and had changed her name to Marilyn Monroe. The couple did not last long and they settled for divorce in 1946 so she could focus on her career, the same year she signed her first movie contract (“The Secret Life of Marilyn Monroe”107). Marilyn had not just become famous; she had also become a huge sex symbol across the nation. Everyone thought she had the perfect life and girls wished they could be her, but they never knew the true life she lived (“The Secret Life of Marilyn

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