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Julia child- Cooking is like love it should be entered into without abandon. Julia Child was a french cuisine chef master. Her love for cooking didn 't start until she was 32 actually! Julia Carolyn McWilliams was born August 15th 1912 in Pasadena, California. Some of her nicknames were Jukie, Juke, and Juju. Her parents were John McWilliams Jr. and Julia Carolyn Weston. She was the oldest of three children. Her father was an early investor in the California real estate and her mother was a paper company heiress. So they were very wealthy and she lived a very privileged childhood. Also she had a very good education. When she was growing up, she went to San Francisco 's Elite Katherine Branson School for Girls. Her mother was worried that she would never marry because she was always the tallest in her class at 6 feet 3 inches. Which did give her an advantage, because of her interests. She loved to play golf, tennis, loved to hunt, and much more. She always got into trouble because she was a prankster. Even though she …show more content…

Julia Child is a very prominent person in the culinary world.She became known very well for bringing french cuisine to America for the first time. She was an excellent chef and author she began her own t.v show. In the beginning she would get paid $ 50 per episode. Later on she started getting paid $200 per episode that she did. Her T.V. show was so popular that it was on 96 channels throughout America. Al tho she would get hate letters because she wouldn’t wash her hands after touching meat and other raw item. So she was called filthy and unsanitary. But her only response to that was I absolutely hate very sanitary people. She received and Emmy in 1966 for her t.v. show, U.S. national book award in 1980, a Peabody award for her french cooking, and she won 2 daytime Emmy awards. . Along with that she also had received many honorary degrees from places such as Harvard University, Johnson Wales University, Smith college, Brown University, and many

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