Essay On Equality In America

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Equality in America America and its people have worked hard to create a home in which everyone is treated, and feels equal. We’ve fought wars, held protests, and lost many lives in situations where we were fighting for fair treatment. After all of these sacrifices, it's safe to say that Americans have the right to love, and cherish the equality that their home presents them with, but to an extent. Equality in society, government, and basic human interactions should always be kept, and held with great importance. However, we also need to keep in mind that we are not the same people. This is where the government in the story, ‘’Harrison Bergeron,’’ gets out of hand. They tried to make their citizens equal by making them the same which prevents …show more content…

Lincoln also brings to surface the most natural difference mankind has ever known: race. It's a hard thing to deny especially when we learn about slavery based on skin color, and use words that negatively describe a person of a certain race. The sickening, but true fact is that people are judged, and receive unequal treatment based on what color they see when they look into the mirror. Even though we have no control over what color we see, America has faced this racist mind set since its existence. From slavery, to African American segregation in the and 60’s, skin color has caused people to be treated unfairly, all because of the choices nature has made for us. Even approaching more recent times, the racial factor that denies us equality is still present. One report shows that, ‘’In 1995, average white households had $18,000 in financial wealth, while Black households possessed a total of only $200’’(‘’International Socialist Review’’) Just as we saw when talking about the gender inequality, people of certain, ‘’undesirable,’’ races can be subjected to unequal pay, due to racist, and bias bosses. Skin is only so deep, so we have to ask ourselves: Should color determine how others treat ? If so, we can then start to understand why America won’t ever be completely

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