Essay On Equality In The Classroom

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It is important for teachers to create an environment that promotes fairness in order for students to succeed. Equality and equity are both needed to do this. Equality in a class means every student has the same opportunity to succeed. Making accommodations for students is called equity. This is needed in a class to ensure an equal opportunity to succeed is possible for every student. When a class is fair, students are more motivated to learn making success a more sustainable goal.
Equality in a classroom means that all students have access to the same resources. All students have a desk, textbooks, the ability for ask for help, etc. In Mrs. S’s 1st grade STEM class, she has a white board that students write their name on when they have to go to the restroom(3.1.1). This is an example of equality in the classroom because every student is allowed to go use the restroom by signing out on the board. Equality is important because students must feel like they have the same chance to succeed as the other students in class with them.
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things as simple as a seating arrangement promotes fairness. every student gets a spot to sit and no desk is any better than another. avoiding favoritism and prejudice is also a way to promote fairness in class. students notice when the same people are called on repeatedly. As a teacher it is important to make sure all students have access to learning. This is where equity would be helpful. if an assignment is assigned online but not all students have a computer, a printed out copy can be given to them to make sure they still have access to the work.
Fairness is not hard to promote in a classroom, but it is very important. Without fairness students will not be motivated to learn making success a near impossible goal. Teachers need to establish fairness and equality early on in classrooms in order for students to be comfortable and

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