Social Justice: A Critical Analysis

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In today's diverse and multicultural societies, an understanding of what social justice is might be considered pivotal and essential for the numerous encounters and relationships that every day take place in the world. However, one's vision of social justice might differ from the concept of it held by another individual, as it can be argued that the fundamental notion of an equal and socially fair justice could be influenced by several factors, such as an individual’s own moral principles and ethics, alongside with their acknowledgement of the society and of the world they live in.
In spite of this, a broad, general idea of what social justice is might nonetheless be offered, and throughout this paper, I intend to explore on this socially constructed idea of justice, which, as explained by Adams and Bell (2016), should be equal, democratic, inclusive and respectful of all people, and accommodate, therefore, for their needs. Furthermore, I will also be looking at the understanding of the concept of social justice within the educational context.
Moreover, I will try to expand on the roles that many social actors, such as teachers, schools and other professionals, play towards the implementation of social justice within education systems, whilst working along other agencies, in order to ensure that all pupils enrolled in schools all around the world are provided with the best opportunities and chances necessary …show more content…

Education, therefore, might represent a means to lay down the foundations of an understanding of social justice for all pupils, so as to ensure that every child receives and experiences the same possibilities of their peers (Mittler,

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