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  • Oppression And Anti-Discrimination In Social Work

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    KATO MOTLHATLHEDI 201302150 BSW 204(THEORIES IN SOCIAL WORK) QUESTION: “Social workers have to be committed to anti-discriminatory and anti-oppressive practice. If we do not challenge oppression, no-one else will.” Critically appraise this statement, paying attention to the Botswana context   INTRODUCTION In order for one to understand what anti-oppression and anti-discrimination are, they have to first understand what oppression and discrimination are. Below are the definitions of the terms;

  • Theories Of Clinical Social Work Practice

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    THE RELEVANCE OF THEORY FOR CLINICAL SOCIAL WORK PRACTISE IN BOTSWANA AND AFRICA INTRODUCTION The below assay is aimed at critically appraising the relevance of theory for clinical social work practise in Botswana and African context. First in the article there will be definition of the key terms of the question; relevance, theory and clinical social work respectively. The definition of terms will henceafter be followed by a discussion about what social work is, its history in Botswana, what theories

  • Essay On Private Practice

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    Social workers who chose to take the path of private practice chose a unique career as they are practicing in a different setting rather than working in an agency, hospital, clinic etc.; they are working individually or providing services under someone else’s practice. Private practice can be defined as “the process by which those social workers who practice independently of traditional agency settings apply the social work values, knowledge, and skill acquired from social work education and experience

  • Strength Based Theory In Social Work

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    Introduction The social work profession, was based on values that contributed not only to its own professional development and to helping different service user groups, but also to the development of societies in general. Describe how theories and research (EBP process) inform our professional knowledgebase. A clear theoretical perspective guide and influences social work practice in five key areas: observation, description, explanation, prediction and intervention. Observation tells what to see

  • Theories Of Social Work

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    Introduction Work to uplift the society by helping people, their families and communities by correcting their problems and try to work for their betterment. Social work is a profession and people doing social work are skilled professionals with good command on their subject. This practice requires an understanding of human. Social work professionals are found in every facet of our life. Example, education institution, companies, healthcare organisations to name a few. This profession requires a

  • Essay On Ethical Dilemma

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    clients message I struggled in identifying how I should address the dilemma at hand and wonder if perhaps not responding right away and seeking assistance from my program supervisor could help me make the right decision. I was cleared that as a social worker I have the moral obligation to consider the ethical implications of my decisions in others and wanted to help the client to the best of my abilities. As I struggled I considered the ethical principals that constituted the dilemma. The first ethical

  • Volunteering Program: SFLG Volunteer And Internship Program

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    Home page “Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has.” _Margaret Mead SFLIG Volunteer and Internship program is an initiative develop to help achieve the organization goal of helping to improve the lives of children especially girls from orphanage homes, broken homes and also give support to single mothers. We aim to use this help to improve the lives of people from difficult background through the support of school

  • Difference Between Counselling And Social Work

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    or a social worker. The intent of this paper is to provide clarity as it relates to the differences between counselling and social work as both professions sometimes overlap and persons are not able to differentiate between the two professions. Notwithstanding the fact that both professions have their differences it not be noted that both career paths is considered to be the helping profession where adequate training and preparation is needed in order to help their client improve their social, emotional

  • Essay On Cvc Scholarship

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    CVTC Scholarship Essay 1 Why did you choose your field of study? What are your goals for the field of study you are pursuing? I choose the social work field as my focus in life. After years of working in retail for years after high school with the pressure of finding a career after taking a look at myself, I knew my greatest strength that I have that is my compassion for people of walks of life and helping them any way I can. Having compassion for those that are needed to help in dire situations

  • Concept Of Social Competence

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    Social competence is an important skill in society. By the definition of Rubin and Rose-Krasnor in 1992, its concept is an ability for people to achieve their personal goals in social interaction with a long lasted positive relationships. It is also focusing on how emotions are conveyed in social interactions (Riggio & Reichard, 2008). There are also other 3 concepts of social competence, which are communication competence, social skills and ability to retain positive interpersonal relationships

  • Self Development In Social Care

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    In social care, we work with some of society’s most vulnerable people. For a practitioner to best support an individual they must first be able to care for themselves. There is huge value in being aware of who we are, our strengths and our areas for improvement. This can directly affect the relationships and experiences we have with ourselves, clients, and our peers in social care practice. For this assignment, I will look at the importance of ‘the self’ and personal and professional development

  • Person In-Environment Framework

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    Introduction Person-in-Environment Framework In our practice as social workers, we are urged to view and understand human behavior as a set of complex interactions between individuals and their environment. This is known as the person-in-environment framework. This framework encourages us to acknowledge the influence of environment on our lives and provides a beneficial framework to think about and understand human behavior (Hutchinson, 2017). Understanding our work from this perspective allows

  • Theories Of Social Justice

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    According to the NASW (2018), social workers primarily focus on social justice rooted in “issues of poverty, unemployment, discrimination, and other forms…” Social justice is then accomplished by seeking to “promote sensitivity to and knowledge about oppression and cultural and ethnic diversity,” in addition to seeking out the necessary information for services and resources. Furthermore, social justice, according to the NASW pertains to equality in economic, political and social rights and opportunities

  • Reflection On Critical Self Assessment

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    Introduction Being a senior manager in a large scale social service organization, I am now managing a team (more than 50 colleagues) to provide social services for children and youth in the community. My major duty is to make strategic plan for service development as well as to provide overall supervision/monitoring for my fellow colleagues for actual implementation. I, in particular, need to provide clinical supervision/consultation for social workers. Being a profession, I am facing with the challenge

  • Social Work Goals Essay

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    have encountered, I am determined in reaching my goals. When it comes to my long-range goals, I am convinced in learning more about how to become an advocate for my own homeless shelter for disadvantaged individuals. I want to achieve my Masters in Social Work, mainly encouraged by my five sisters (Harrington) who are Alumni Graduates of Howard University. Also, I want to visit Africa one day as well. One of my short-range goals is meeting new people in Washington, D.C., volunteering for The Veteran

  • Movie Analysis: The Help

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    how relationships both support and control an individual’s behavior (Hutchinson, 2010). In the movie The Help, I took great notice of the life course perspective, Linked lives, being exemplified between Ms. Celia Foote and Ms. Minny. They provided social and emotional support throughout the movie that benefited the both of them greatly. Prior to Ms. Minny becoming the maid for Ms. Celia, a housewife, she had no idea who would hire her again due to her getting fired by Ms. Hilly, for using a toilet

  • Person Centred Planning

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    Organisational culture also described as the informal structure of an organisation or labelling an organisation as being institutionalised, in social care this can impact on the quality of care or support given to service users and the impact can be good or bad. According to Mullins as cited by D’Eath “the culture of an organisation is often defined as ‘the way we do things around here’ and may be characterised as the ‘personality’ of an organisation” (D’Eath, 2010, p.22). In this case study, White

  • Personal Narrative: My Role As A Social Worker

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    Social work is a profession that dedicates its efforts to ensure the well-being of individuals and the well-being of the society as a whole. The primary mission of social workers is to meet the fundamental needs of every person, especially the ones with special needs such as those who are oppressed, vulnerable and the people living in poverty. As a social worker, I intend to use these core values such as service, integrity, and dignity as guidelines to my work to make a difference in the lives of

  • Community Work Literature Review

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    Models guide social workers in achieving their community work missions of changing and serving groups in communities (Weil, 1996). Working models based on practical experiences are considered intermediaries to theoretical generalization (Thompson, 1996). In fact, different models involve different practical variables, such as objectives, methods, or value assumptions (Rothman, 1968). Models may be applied to various kinds of communities and professional tasks by community workers (Gamble and Weil

  • A Rhetorical Analysis Of Malala Yousafzai's Speech

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    for female education who once feared for her life that her education would be taken away. When she was only fifteen years old, she was shot by Taliban militants for her stance on education. Since then, she has made a full recovery and has gained international recognition as a strong activist for female education. Yousafzai uses her platform at the Canadian parliament, upon receiving an honorary Canadian citizenship, to address the importance of female education in all countries in the world, and the