Strength Based Theory In Social Work

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The social work profession, was based on values that contributed not only to its own professional development and to helping different service user groups, but also to the development of societies in general.
Describe how theories and research (EBP process) inform our professional knowledgebase.
A clear theoretical perspective guide and influences social work practice in five key areas: observation, description, explanation, prediction and intervention. Observation tells what to see, what to look out for. Description provides a conceptual vocabulary and framework within which observations can be arranged and organized. Explanation suggests how different observations must be link and connected, and it offers possible caused relationships
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According to Jacqueline Corcoran (2011), people were basically viewed in terms of their pathologies, weaknesses, limitations, and problems. However, in strengths-based models, in contrast, the helper, in collaboration with the client system, identifies and amplifies existing client system capacities to resolve problems and improve quality of life. Strengths-based approaches can be viewed as respectful toward and empowering of the oppressed and vulnerable people to which the field of social work traditionally has been committed (Corcoran,…show more content…
In social work practice, applying an ecological approach can be best understood as looking at persons, families, cultures, communities, and policies and to identify and intervene upon strengths and weaknesses in the transactional processes between these systems. Holistic thinking can provide a paradigm for understanding how systems and their interactions can maintain an individual 's behavior. Bronfenbrenner (1979), suggests four levels of ecological components as a useful framework for understanding how individual or family processes are influenced by hierarchical environmental systems.
Evaluation of approach. Demonstrate critical thinking by using our discussion of theory and EBP to critically appraise the strengths and limitations of the approach at your first field placement. Be sure to include a discussion of culture and whether the knowledgebase is appropriate for the clients served at this agency. Close with some recommendations you might make to your agency leadership. Include a discussion of strengths as well as areas of development regarding the use of the professional knowledgebase at your first field

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