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Introduction Theoretical orientation is the concept of providing practitioners with theory based framework .The purpose of the theory is to help guide the social work professional in a setting while intervening with individuals, families and treatment. Theoretical Orientation also help the social worker to work with the clients to set their goals and ackwlodge certain techniques you may use while using a specific theory. In this reflection paper I will deliberate on developing a Theoretical orientation, Exploring your theoretical orientation, Integrating your theoretical at your field placement, and Task group techniques. Developing A Theoretical Orientation From Halbur & Halbur (2011) the strategies that were suggested to help the professional …show more content…

The focus is more on the individual than the problem. The client is viewed as unique and their own way. As the practitioner you have to treat your client situation as its own. The practitioner serve as a help to assist the client whit their choices they want to make .The practitioner helps the client by eliminating what is in the way of the client reaching their goal. The population this theory applies to all ethnicities, religions, races, orientations, social economic status and abilities .The school this theory is related to the Humanistic School of Thought. Humanistic School of thought , is the concept of the practitioner viewing the client circumstance through the client eyes and their personal view. The major theorist that is associated with the theory is Carl Rogers. The main goal is to eliminate any issues that the client may have that could deter them to reach their full potential. Through-out the therapeutic process the practitioner should help the client understand and accept how they view their self-versus how they are actually. The techniques that are used while using the person centered approach are empathy, genuineness, nonjudgmental and being able to listen, and reflect the client narrative. Integrating your theoretical orientation at your field placement My practicum mission statement “To enable all young people, especially those who need us most, to reach their full potential as productive, caring, responsible citizens”. A Boys & Girls Club Provides: A safe place to learn and grow. Ongoing relationships with caring, adult professionals. Life-enhancing programs and character development experiences. Hope and

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