Essay On Person Centred Thinking Skills

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Explain how person-centred thinking can be used within a team?

People need to know there coaching and training needs. Team leaders will need to find strategies in making a person centred team work.

2.6 Analyse how to achieve successful implementation of person-centred thinking and planning across an organisation?

Management need to be person centred about their staff everyone involved with the work service needs to know there values. If change is needed staff must discus with management to see where they can help and what they can do. Staff should never force there beliefs on other members of staff or residents but we must also respect their views.

2.7 Describe the role of the manager in implementing person-centred thinking and planning? …show more content…

– as part of an organisation

Make sure the one page profiles are in place and that the clients have support in having one.

3.2 Explain the different person-centred thinking skills required to support individuals?

Different person centred thinking skills include being able to problem solve, promote dignity, privacy and inclusion and not to force your thoughts and opinions on the client and build a support plan that is personal to the person receiving the care.

3.3 Identify challenges that may be faced in implementing person-centred thinking, planning and reviews in own work?

There may be lack of resources available or not having the right equipment. Some staff may not want to make changes.

3.4 Describe how challenges in implementing person centred thinking, planning and reviews might be overcome?

By understanding that everyone is different and will have different care plans that everyone has different needs and requirements. Prioritises the important things and have a review every 6 months. Get the client involved by asking them how they feel and what they’d like to be added. If change is made all staff should agree with it as it’s in the best interest of the

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