The Importance Of Person-Centred Care For The Older Adults

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Person-centred care is an approach that is becoming more widely used in practice in Irelands healthcare system. The approach to care is more holistic and the patient is more involved in their own care, enabling the older adult to maintain independence and have equal involvement in their care (, 2015). This essay will discuss what Person-Centred Care (PCC) is, why PCC is important, and how Person-Centred Nursing can enhance care for the older adult.

What is Person Centred Care?:

Person-Centred Care aims to ensure that the older adult is an equal partner in their health care. Key components that ensure PCC is provided are the following:

respect and holism

power and empowerment

choice and autonomy

empathy and compassion. (, 2015)

A person-centred approach to nursing focuses on the individuals needs, wants, goals and desires so that they become central to the care and nursing process (OpenLearn, 2015). According to The Department of Health (State of Victoria, Australia), person-centred care is a philosophical approach to care, ensuring that service systems are developed in partnership with older people and/or their carers (, 2015). PCC is treating patients as they want to be treated and about working together with older adults on things they enjoy doing and things that are important to them without restraint of routines (Kearns, 2013).

Person-centred Nursing Framework (McCormack & McCance

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