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Person Centred Care and the Older Adult Is a person centred care approach really that important when it comes to nursing an older person? The answer is simply, yes. Older people are susceptible to a range of vulnerabilities and threats to their personal identity. This essay sets out to prove how meaningful and imperative it is for nurses to provide the elderly with individualised patient care. Divided up into two sections, the first will include a discussion on how patient centred care immensely benefits an older adult by improving their experience while being looked after and taken care of. It will also take a look at some of the alternative methods of nursing to contrast with the patient centred approach. Included is also a description of Mc Cormack and Mc Cance (2010) Person Centred Practice Framework. This will lead into the second part of the essay, as it will demonstrate how nurses can employ a person centred approach in the clinical setting to promote and recognise older people as equal partners in their care. Firstly for the purpose of this essay, patient centred care and person-centeredness will be defined using a definition supplied by the HSE (2010). They state that: …show more content…

It is underpinned by values of respect for persons, individual right to self-determination, mutual respect and understanding. It is enabled by cultures of empowerment that foster continuous approaches to practice development.’ This type of care approach is focused solely on the person and the concept of personhood (HSE, 2010). It is imperative that the nurse hears the voice of the older person. Person centred care embodies a culture of respect for each individual, with regards their values, beliefs and

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