Person Centred Thinking Essay

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1.1 Explain what person-centred thinking is, and how it relates to person-centred reviews and person centred planning? Person centred thinking is when you put the thoughts of the person you are looking after before your own. It’s important to know how they think and feel to know what to put into their care plans so that they are supported in the best way possible and to make them feel included 1.2 Explain the benefits of using person-centred thinking with individuals? By using person centred thinking you know how the client feels and how its best to support them but you also know what goals are possible to set for the future and also any changes that need to be made. 1.3 Explain the beliefs and values on which person centred thinking …show more content…

Using person centred approaches when doing care plans is always making sure they come first. 1.5 Explain how person-centred thinking tools can form the basis of a person-centred plan? From when the client first comes into the home you must look at their background to form the basis of a care plan. Ask the client there likes and dislikes and there goals for their future this will become the start of your care plan. 1.6 Describe the key features of different styles of person-centred planning and the contexts in which they are most useful? The client is at the centre of the care: this requires having a meeting with the client and listening about what they’d like to do and what they don’t like. This means that the client is at the centre of attention in there care plan. Family members and friends input: this is taking information of their family and friends and using it in a care plan this can be helpful to know more about their cultures and life before entering the home. Person centred planning shows you what important to that person and how its best to support them now and in the

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