Adult Protective Services Case Study

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At Adult Protective Services majority of our work involves investigation of abuse, neglect, and exploitation. At Adult Protective Services our job is to protect the vulnerable elderly population, as well as the population that have disabilities. “Only APS is statutorily authorized and responsible for investigating elder and vulnerable adult abuse and taking steps to protect the victims, and it is generally only APS that helps the most frail and incapacitated older persons”(Quin, 2012, p.68). When abuse is suspected, a case worker will reach out to all parties involved, such as the alleged victim, alleged perpetrator, and all collaterals. Unlike many other professions, case worker are not required to have any written consent to speak with …show more content…

For example services can included: investigation of allegations immediate emergency medical, nutritional, protective, and other services; case manage and risk of further abuse; alternative or improved living arrangements; assistance in obtaining benefits, including Medicare, Medicaid, and aging or disabilities services; and environmental cleanup and assistance with the victim’s pets and other animals. When dealing with the elderly “It is important for social work practitioners to understand characteristics of the older adult’s cognitive abilities, mental health and physical health to assist in the understanding of the client’s capacity to make decisions and vulnerability to abuse” (Donovan, 2010, …show more content…

The case worker along with the client, payee, guardian, or other responsible parties collectedly create the service plan. The case worker present the ideal, but it is the client’s job to complete all paperwork, applications, or request outside services. Sometimes creating that balance of self –determination and vulnerable is often times a challenge, because the values and belief of a client can be totally different from a social worker. Even though case workers feel strongly about a situation it is the clients right to do as their please. For example, I and Level 5 caseworker were doing visit one day. One of her clients on her case load is a 60 year old, bed bound, diabetic person. This client does have provider staff, but they only come in 4 hours a day (2 in the morning and 2 in the afternoon). The provider leaves at about 7pm, so this client is in her bed until the next morning when staff arrives at 10 or 11. This client has spent 12 hours in her bed, with possibly soil linens. The client does not want to be placed in a nursing home, does not want more provider hours, and does not want move with family. It is not much the case worker can do, because the client has capacity and it is her right to live like

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