Meeting Client's Vacation: Case Study

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CM was on vacation for the period of 11/25/2016 to 12/12/2016. On 12/13/2016, CM met with the client to complete Bi-Weekly ILP Review. Client was dressed with proper attire for the weather. In the meeting client was a little feisty. CM inquires what the problem is. Client states that she being harassed by another resident in the dorm. CM inquires with the client while CM was on vacation if the client ever informs staff about the situation client replies “no”. Client also reported she spoke with Mr. Leandro who is covering for Ms. Gomez, who is currently on maternity leave and Mr. Leandro scheduled a shelter appointment for 12/15/2016, at 11:30am. CM escorted the client to the Intake Office for the client to fill out a Resident Complain Form and CM and Supervisor will follow up with…show more content…
Client continues to report no family support here in the USA. Client is undocumented and have no source of income. CM advises the client to participate in free immigration to secure Amnesty or Legalization that would allow a client to file for legal residence (Green Card). Client continues to report she actively participating in Court mandated Individual Mental Health session at Woodhull Hospital and next upcoming appointments are as follows: Jane Lima Negron SW scheduled for 12/22/2016, Dr. Faisal Chaundhry MD scheduled for 12/29/2016 and Dr. Asano-CIH scheduled for 1/18/2017. Client also reported the following psychotropic medications: Naproxen 250mg (1x daily) and Zoloft 25mg (1x daily). Staff monitored medications. Client continues to reports no substance of mental history. CM reiterates the shelter rule and regulation and for the client to adhere to the 10pm curfew Client housing option is ticket assistant and family reunification. Client reported she doesn 't have any money save to move out the shelter system and she is not leaving without her

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