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  • Patient Relationship

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    PHARMACIST-PATIENT RELATIONSHIP: Optimal medication management requires an effective relationship between the patient and health care professional. As pharmacists move from the traditional dispensing role to become more actively involved in patient care, factors influencing their relationship with patients need to be identified. A better understanding of these factors will facilitate more effective relationships. Pharmacists' professional roles have transformed to include provision of information

  • Patient Awareness In Patient Care

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    A Case Study6 Nurse caring for a patient at a disadvantage by not having information that may be necessary to make critical decisions for safe patient care. Patterson et al (2004) examined hand off in settings with high consequences for failure, such as, NASA, the Johnson Space Center in Texas, Nuclear Power generation plants in Canada, a railroad dispatch center in the United States and an ambulance dispatch center in Toronto. Patterson found that hand offs in these settings were interactive, verbal

  • Patient Safety

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    Toward Patients’ Safety Among Medical Students in Saudi Arabia Introduction: Patient Safety is defined as "a type of process or structure when applied it reduces the probability of adverse events resulting from exposure to the health care system across a range of diseases and procedures” (1), that is according to the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ) and the National Quality Forum (NQF). These practices focus mainly on many safety issues concerning hospitalized patients, nursing

  • Patient Advocacy In Nursing

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    Definition of the Concept From the previous literature review and defining characteristics mentioned prior, patient advocacy is providing support and guidance of an individual in need. It is within the nurse’s best judgement to ensure safety and protection for the patient. By valuing the patient, the nurse will build a therapeutic trust relationship with the client which will secure the patient’s freedom and self-determination (Baldwin, 2003). Cases Model Case A 99-year-old male was admitted

  • Patient Autonomy In Nursing

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    nursing school, I have been taught that respect for patient autonomy is an important and indispensable principle in the ethical practice of clinical nursing. Legal tenets recognize the importance of this principle and the inherent right of patients of sound mind and properly informed, to make their own personal medical decisions. In the course of everyday medical practice, however, challenging cases may result in ethical dilemmas for the patient, the medical team, and the hospital. Resolution of these

  • Patient Safety Curriculum

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    complexity of health care recently has increased the risk of error and accidental harm and medical trainees' knowledge about patient safety has been shown to be limited as mentioned in yanli et al. study (2011) (12).Improving patient safety has been on top of research agenda’s worldwide during the last two decades, The WHO Curriculum Guide was developed to fill the gap in patient safety education by providing a comprehensive curriculum designed to build foundation knowledge and skills for all health-care

  • Nursing Patient Relationship

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    Research Question: Does the relationship the nurse forms with a patient affect their patient’s outcome? Abstract: As the medical field continues to advance in technology, efficiency, evidenced based systemastic structure, inevitably the expectations and the responsibilities for the nurse only increase. In order to be competent withn their role, a nurse must stay focused, perform interventions quickly, safely, resourcal, and effective, the risk of desensitization in unconsciously lost due increase

  • Patient Satisfaction

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    Mao Vadhana’s “Assessment of Patient Satisfaction in an Outpatient Department of an Autonomous Hospital in Phnom Penh, Cambodia” (2012) aimed to determine the understanding of need of the patient and the opinion in the health care services. This study presents the socio-demographic characteristics, the quality of care, accessibility of the hospital and the patient satisfaction on health care services. This study shows 93.5% were satisfied on the health care services. 98.5% were satisfied on the hospital’s

  • The Importance Of Patient Education

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    Patient education Today's patients are more educated, computer savvy, and much richer. It is essential to clear all their rightly or wrongly earned doubts with much patience and compassion. Patients have willingness to explain things as the most important criterion in selecting a physician. Many factors used in the study were reasonable fees, telephone access, friendly office, convenient appointments, and convenient location; the willingness to explain .. Feedback The feedback given by the patient

  • Terminally Patient Communication

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    for terminally ill patients Communication plays an important role in establishment of good relationships between the healthcare provider and patients. Good communication affects patient satisfaction, patient compliance and patient health outcomes. It is the one of the essential attributes of healthcare providers, and mastering in effective communication is necessary skill to provide quality patient care. (McCorry and Mason, 2011) The most asked question for terminally ill patients is “How long I will

  • Patient Flow Analysis

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    Definition: Patient flow is a progressive movement of patient, equipment and information through a sequence of processes, while maintaining quality, safety, empathy and personal attention in patient care . This term usually denotes the flow of patient between the various service points to create the pathway of care seamless . When to use it? Patient flow is usually used to improve efficiency and patient care and evaluating waiting time. Optimizing patient flow is one of a series of innovative programs

  • Patient Dissatisfaction Analysis

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    health care industry is undergoing transformation to meet the demands of the patients. Hospitals are shifting from viewing patients as illiterates and with little health care choice, to that of educated consumer who has wider health care choices. Patient satisfaction is regarded as an important indicator of quality of care and survey is one tool for measuring consumer experiences in hospital. Objective: To study “Patients’ perceived satisfaction with diagnostic MRI services” in a Teaching hospital

  • Essay On Patient Loyalty

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    2.4.6-Patient Loyalty: It is Loyalty, that assists an organization not to fall apart in an intense competitive market where of many uncertain problems have to faced. (Amin et al., 2012). According to Mortazavi et al. (2009), patient loyalty can be defined as the assurance given by patients that the services will be unfailingly used in the future. Loyal patients will use the particular services again and also recommend them to others. Therefore, loyal customers assist any business to survive tough

  • Patient Safety Culture

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    Background: Patient safety is an essential component in the quality of patient care. It remains a challenge for developing countries. Assessment of patient safety culture in healthcare organizations is becoming an integral component to improve patients' safety. Aim of the work: To assess the perceptions of patient safety culture attitude among health-care workers in Beni-Suef University hospital. Subjects and Methods: A cross sectional study was conducted from January till December 2015 using

  • Patient Monitoring Model

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    inputs from the patient and any abnormality felt by the patient causes the monitoring system to give an alarm. Also all the process parameters within an interval selectable by the user are recorded online. This is very useful for future analysis and review of patient’s health condition. For more versatile medical applications, this scheme can be improvised, heart beat sensors and annunciation systems, thereby making it useful in hospitals as a very efficient and dedicated patient care system. Hospitals

  • Ethics In Patient Care

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    The first and foremost action or the service that nurse should provide is simply a genuine patient care. According to the American Nurses Association Code of Ethics, “the nurse’s primary commitment is to the patient, whether an individual, family, group, or community” (ANA 2015). Thus, a nurse should be patient-focused at all times instead of task-oriented although there should be a balance between two. In their service, nurses should know that their service is not just limited to physical care,

  • Patient Satisfaction Assignment

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    Patients dictated healthcare This assignment will discuss the The problem with patient satisfaction and safety , which could change Balancing the desire to practice the quality .It will focus on the process of change and growth to evidence-based practice and positive feedback from patients . As with providing services to patients and the goal of the hospital work environment to satisfy the staff and its patients (such as better staffing of patients to nurses, nurse involvement in decision making

  • Nurse Patient Ratio

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    nurse to patient ratios must increase to improve safety and the clinical question that is identified in the quantitative research article is how to increase nurses to patient ratio in order to improve patient safety and quality of life especially in older adult patients. Description of the Problem The problem description in this article identified is that when there are too many patients assigned to a nurse there will not be an effective and well done job by the nurses and the patient will not be

  • Patient Doctor Relationship

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    Physicians ' punctuality is a fundamental aspect by the reason of being the building block for patient-doctor relationship and the cornerstone for professionalism.(1,2) Therefore, it illustrates the quality of training doctors received, and demonstrate how the health care is organized. Patient-doctor relationship is a prime concept when it comes to healthcare. In spite of the variation of the meaning or scope of the relationship according to the viewpoint of the observer, “clinical imperatives emphasize

  • Patient Feeding In Hospital

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    The writer would consider the timing of meal times and patient feeding in hospitals to be major issues that needs to be addressed. Regarding the timing of meals be an issue for many reasons such as the disturbances made to patients routine meaning that when patients are at home they may be set times that their more used to eating compared to the times in which meals are given in hospitals resulting in reduced intake because the patient is not Hungary at that time, the timing of staff break times