Patient Essays

  • Patient Reliability

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    Name: E.L. Occupation: Registered Nurse Source of History: Patient Reliability of Historian: Reliable Age: 59 Date of birth: 1/15/1955 Race: Filipino Religion: Christian Subjective Data: Chief complaint: E.L. is in her usual state of good health until 5 days ago when she felt pain and swelling of right leg. Patient states that the swelling is more prominent after her work with pain mostly in her right groin. History of Present Illness: 59 y/o Filipino female with Type

  • Elderly Patients

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    Elderly patients often experience multiple co-morbidities and prescribed number of medications thereby increases the risk of adverse events (AEs), drug-disease and drug-drug interaction. This risk is more by age-related physiological changes, which influence ADME and pharmacodynamics. Particular drugs shows additional risks to elderly patients as a result of these changes, e.g. increased risk of upper GIT bleeding with NSAIDs and increased risk of falls and prolonged sedation with long-acting benzodiazepines

  • Patient Safety

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    Organization (WHO, 2016) highlighted that patient safety, is an important principle of health care. Hazards to patient safety occur when there is a discrepancy between a given patient and components of their care, whether these components are investigative, therapeutic or ancillary. The Joint Commission International Patient Safety Goal (IPSG, 2013) standards first objective means to enhance the precision of patient using so as to distinguish proof no less than two patient identifiers when providing care,

  • Patient Satisfaction

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    health care industry is undergoing transformation to meet the demands of the patients. Hospitals are shifting from viewing patients as illiterates and with little health care choice, to that of educated consumer who has wider health care choices. Patient satisfaction is regarded as an important indicator of quality of care and survey is one tool for measuring consumer experiences in hospital. Objective: To study “Patients’ perceived satisfaction with diagnostic MRI services” in a Teaching hospital

  • Patient Reflection

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    There was one patient in particular that made me question my judgement several times. This lady was in a Broda chair and looked as if she was ready to hit the floor at any moment. She was constantly scooting her butt to the edge, bending over to the floor, and clearly very anxious. The staff that worked at Ridgewood did not seem too concerned about her falling, but every time I looked at this patient, it looked as if she was about to go down. This made me question myself because I did not know if

  • Patient Confidentiality

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    Electronic Health Records and Patient Confidentiality Technology has become an essential part of our everyday life therefore, it makes sense that doctors and hospitals get rid of the old fashioned paper charting and use technology to access patient records. Electronic health records (EHR) provide quick access to information, as doctors no longer have to wait for other providers to fax previous records to them. The accessibility of Electronic Health Records assist medical providers to make quick medical

  • Patient Debriefing

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    Vital incidents, care of devastating ill patients, sudden death in the hospitals or health facilities caring out day-to-day duties, and a physical or psychological threat to the safety of a human being could cause moral distress and compassion fatigue. Accordingly, to stayers or fighters these events negatively could impact their well-being and cause longer recovery time than they can control as a routine. Events with strong emotions can aggravate stress among nurses or staff and block their skills

  • The Importance Of Patient Satisfaction

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    Patients dictated healthcare This assignment will discuss the The problem with patient satisfaction and safety , which could change Balancing the desire to practice the quality .It will focus on the process of change and growth to evidence-based practice and positive feedback from patients . As with providing services to patients and the goal of the hospital work environment to satisfy the staff and its patients (such as better staffing of patients to nurses, nurse involvement in decision making

  • Patient Caregiver Communication

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    taking care of an illness is taking care of a patient. When a patient gets sick it is not only the illness the caregiver needs to handle. Patient care, in most hospitals if not all, is the number one priority. This is stressed so heavily because an adequate patient caregiver communication is the key to positive treatment and results. Communication About Health: Current Issues and Perspectives, it explains in the cases where health professionals and patients do not see eye to eyes various negative outcomes

  • Patient Feeding In Hospital

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    The writer would consider the timing of meal times and patient feeding in hospitals to be major issues that needs to be addressed. Regarding the timing of meals be an issue for many reasons such as the disturbances made to patients routine meaning that when patients are at home they may be set times that their more used to eating compared to the times in which meals are given in hospitals resulting in reduced intake because the patient is not Hungary at that time, the timing of staff break times

  • The Importance Of Patient Safety

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    In recent years patient safety in the clinical setting has become both an international and national necessity, with an ever growing emphasis on patient safety in policy development, legislative improvements and upgrading the standards of care globally. Promoting patient safety and quality of care are integral to the delivery of healthcare in Ireland. Safety is a fundamental aspect of care and it is essential to diagnosis and treatment of patients. All healthcare professionals are obligated to treat

  • Patient Empowerment In Nursing

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    Patient empowerment The idea of patient empowerment originated from the critical social theory when patients are seen as an oppressed group (Kuokkanen & Leino-Kilipi, 2000), and was built upon an assumption that each person has the potential to become empowered (Ellis-Stoll & Popkess-Vawter, 1998). Starting from the mid-1980s till nowadays, the World Health Organization defined health promotion as “a process of enabling people to increase control over, and to improve their own health”. This

  • Nurse Patient Relationship

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    A therapeutic nurse-patient relationship can be defined as the helping relationship which is based on common or in other words reciprocal trust and respect, the sustenance of both faith and hope, being sensitive with one self and others, and aiding with the fulfillment of one ‘s patient 's physical, sentimental, and spiritual needs with the means of one’s knowledge and ability. This caring relationship will develop when nurse and the patient come together as one in the occasion , resulting into

  • Patient Observation Paper

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    My patient is an 89 year old male; the patient will be referenced as WP. WP was admitted to Lutheran 3 East for a primary diagnosis of pneumonia. His health history consists of COPD, acute respiratory failure, chronic kidney disease, coronary artery disease, vascular dementia without behavioral disturbance, CAD, carotid artery disease, and hyperlipidemia. My client also has a permanent cardiac pacemaker and use hearing aids. He’s allergic to oxycodone and Vicodin. His current health is with pneumonia

  • Patient Fall Prevention

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    general, patient fall is the neglected subject in the hospitals. This topic is neglected because most of the hospitals didn’t report fall cases anywhere due to safeguard reason. When a patient is admitted to the hospital, most of the attention is used to give to the primary condition of the patient. Also, both family members and healthcare staff concerned about the primary condition of the patient. However, this fall and its subsequent consequences can be very serious and harmful to the patient. At the

  • Emergency Patient Analysis

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    initial treatment to emergency patients who are in a state of cardiopulmonary arrest or disturbance of consciousness2). Then, the knowledge and techniques of emergency nursing ranging from emergency skills to the nursing of mental aspects of patients in a crisis situations have developed, and the fostering of emergency nurses started in 1995 in order to put

  • Patient Safety Skills

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    Toward Patients’ Safety Among Medical Students in Saudi Arabia Introduction: Patient Safety is defined as "a type of process or structure when applied it reduces the probability of adverse events resulting from exposure to the health care system across a range of diseases and procedures” (1), that is according to the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ) and the National Quality Forum (NQF). These practices focus mainly on many safety issues concerning hospitalized patients, nursing

  • Essay On Patient Confidentiality

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    in the original text, which remains relevant even in the present day is the concept of patient confidentiality. Patient confidentiality is the state of keeping private and secure the information of a patient-doctor encounter. It has been broadly defined to include the security of information in patient records, restriction of information to authorized recipients and professional silence (Allen, 2011). The patient-doctor relationship is based on trust and the understanding that the often deeply personal

  • Patient Reflective Analysis

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    In relation to caring for this patient I displayed strengths in implementing appropriate nursing actions, adapting to change and communicating effectively with the patient to provide patient centered care; however, I discovered weakness such as, a lack of confidence and patient teachings. I believe that the nursing actions I created for my patient this week were well thought out and my ability to adapt to my patient’s changes and mood to implement my actions greatly improved my patient’s overall

  • Essay On Patient Safety

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    right setting is the core mission of hospitals across the country. To helping PATIENT improve the quality of care they deliver every day. So by providing information and assistance on how to improve care and by working with manger of hospital, doctor, nears and research agencies to create a policy environment on which quality and safety The goal of this part to provide some essential definitions that link patient safety with health care quality. Evidence is summarized that indicates how nurses