Patient Dissatisfaction Analysis

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Introduction: The health care industry is undergoing transformation to meet the demands of the patients. Hospitals are shifting from viewing patients as illiterates and with little health care choice, to that of educated consumer who has wider health care choices. Patient satisfaction is regarded as an important indicator of quality of care and survey is one tool for measuring consumer experiences in hospital.
Objective: To study “Patients’ perceived satisfaction with diagnostic MRI services” in a Teaching hospital situated in Hyderabad.
Material and Methods: A cross–sectional survey, conducted in 200 respondents attending hospital for MRI investigation. Pilot tested, pre-structured, self-completion questionnaire is used to collect data.
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To improve on patients’ satisfaction, radiographers have to imbibe the right ethical attitude in their conduct while discharging duties.[13] Augustine Obi Okar(2015) found that there is a need for improved ethical/professional conduct of radiographers and general service delivery in the radiology departments of the hospitals to enhance patient satisfaction.[14] Ogbonnia Godfrey Ochonma et al (2016) suggested customer relations are sources of dissatisfaction. Providers of health care services and radiographers in particular need special orientation in customer relations to foster good patient satisfaction strategies.[15] Whitney L. Jackson (2012) in his article revealed that James Lipcamon, out-patient imaging services manager for East Cooper Medical Center in Mt. Pleasant, SC, “patient satisfaction is a big deal for today’s radiologists, both in the hospital and private imaging center setting. For any patient coming into a hospital setting or an imaging center, they already expect our competency. That’s not what they’re mainly concerned about; they’re looking for the warm fuzzies,” he said. “And, if you’re in a competitive market, patient satisfaction is critical because word-of-mouth drives a lot of health care business. Someone has a bad experience with you, they’ll tell 10 people. If they have a good one, they’ll tell three or four.”[16] Patients satisfaction usually echo their perception of the health care offered as well as the process of giving that care, compared to their expectations. Deficits in research in radiography may restrict the chance to improve patient services. PSSs may provide the means for patients to express concerns about the services received, and to express their views about new services that are needed.[17] This study sought to investigate patients’ satisfaction with diagnostic MRI (Imageology)

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